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  1. New Member Introductions
    Back checking the forums...yesterday my beloved B5 met the front end of a careless driver as she pulled in front of me...
  2. Anything Auto
    Read the 4th paragraph: Honda Recalling 76,000 Acura TSX Models for Stalling Problem -
  3. B5 Garage
    have 99 b5 wagon blew the engine and just replaced it car starts fine but tranny is only getting park and all other gears does nothing!!! The tranny was fine to my knowledge retraced my steps still cant figure it out!!Please help:banghead:
  4. B5 Garage
    Hello PW members. This is my first time posting although I have been a reader in the shadows. I am by no means a seasoned vet here, simply a noob that appreciates being able to do-it-yourself. (where applicable) So my car cranks strongly (thanks to a new battery I just bought about an hour...
  5. Anything Auto
    I got a buddy who was stranded at my house for a couple of hours today. We'd go to crank it, you could hear the starter spinning, but it would only actually turn the the engine over about 1 in every 10 cranks. If it did turn the engine over it would only for about a second then it would stop...
  6. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I picked up some oil absorption pads at Wal-Mart, and found they work well for catching oil drainage from the oil filter. - Cut pad into 2ft square - Place pad under oil filter, and pull up and around filter to make a large cupped shape (make sure to pull up as far as you can behind filter)...
  7. Anything Auto
    my color that is, and damn this one is sexy!
1-7 of 10 Results