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  1. B5 Garage
    b5.5 I need to remove the clear front casing from the headlight. Please don't just say put it in the oven, I have tried this and it does not lead to much help. VW has used some serious glue to secure these two pieces together.. Any other method?
  2. Europe
    My passenger door mirror is damaged both on the blue painted area and the black moulding underneath. I am thinking about getting the replacement covers from RUS in USA but I am guessing that these wont cover the moulding as well. Do you know if you can get the bottom part as a separate part and...
  3. Europe
    Right guys, got me some in pro chrome mirror casings, probs is how do you get the orignals off, found them 2 screws under there ..............Dont seem they come off too easy though. Any one any ideas
  4. Europe
    Anyone know if you can get just the lower black casing replaced as this is cracked but otherwise the electrics are fine
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just been thinking since our turbo's get so hot so quickly what about installing ducting to direct cool air from the front onto the turbo. Don't know what sort of benefit it would be but would be an interesting game to play. Just a thought I'd share, please post your comments what ever you think.