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  1. Which cartridge (chra) and where for my k03

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello all, I got the part number for my turbo 058145703n. I'm trying to get my internals rebuilt and having trouble figuring get a reliable chra. Any assistance would be awesome
  2. 2012 2.5 NO OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE? Any thoughts?

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    I have a 2012 Passat se. 28000 miles, Just changed the oil myself for the first time on this car, The previous 3 services were done at dealer " Free maintenance" I was pretty upset, to say the least, when I took off the oil filter housing to find NO FILTER! Any thoughts? i.e. engine damage...
  3. FS: (2) OEM 6 disc CD Changers; one has a cartridge

    Parts For Sale
    I have OEM 6 disc CD Changer with a 6 disc cartridge for 98-05 Passats. (I just sold the CD Changer without a cartridge.) $70 plus shipping. I tested them in my B5.5 2001.5 Passat and they connect perfectly and work well.
  4. CD Cartridge Removal

    Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone have a method for removing the cartridge from the factory CD changer (2000) when it is not powered? Or, can anyone tell me which two pins on the CD changer plug should be powered up to get the cartridge to eject? Thanks
  5. Wtb: Phatnoise / phatbox dms cartridge

    Classified Archive
    Mine just broke - i dropped it and it doesn't work no more. Unless there is a way to repair it I would need a new one. Please make offers. Thanks,
  6. CD Changer cartridge

    Mobile Electronics
    I own a 2005 wagon, how interchangeable are the CD Changer cartridges, I just bought this wagon, and the cartridge is MIA, there is a cartridge on Ebay that came out of a 2002 Beetle. The changer is a factory installed unit. Thanks for any info
  7. FS: CD changer cartridge

    Classified Archive
    Aight I don't feel like posting up a picture, but if you know what this is then you know how it looks. I got this for my 99 with the cd changer about 5 years ago and saw it sitting around. Seeing as I don't have a cd changer anymore... $20 shipped
  8. WTB: Phatbox Cartridge

    Classified Archive
    My cartirdge stopped working and computer doesn't recognize it when i dock it so i'm looking to buy one off of someone. or if anyone can let me know how to fix it. it makes a ticking noise when i dock it. =\
  9. WTB: DMS Cartridge for Phatnoise/Phatbox

    Classified Archive
  10. Head Unit Not Recognizing PhatBox Cartridge

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently installed a PhatBox in my Passat and everytime I take it out, add more songs then put it back in, my head unit doesn't recognize the cartridge. If I disconnect the PhatBox from the CD changer interface and then reconnect it works. Any idea why this happens? It's more of a nuisance...
  11. B6 Oil Filter Cartridge?

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Any word/information/insight if VW will be switching back to a traditional screw-on oil filter???
  12. WTB: CD cartridge

    Classified Archive
    I am looking for a CD cartridge for the 6 disk CD changer. Anyone have a spare?:thumbup:
  13. removal of cartridge oil filter in '00 jetta VR6?

    Anything Auto
    can anyone tell me how to do this? my friend is getting ready to change his oil and doesnt know how, i wasnt real sure either, so id like to know for sure before i start. thanks. ¤Daniel
  14. ejecting cd cartridge without power

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    anybody know how to eject the cd changer without any power to it? there's one of those holes for a paper clip but it just feels like a small electric switch in there and doesn't do anything.
  15. CD Changer Cartridge

    Mobile Electronics
    Just got back from Phoenix last night and noticed that I left the cartridge for the stock CD changer in the rental car. ( Also left a CD in the deck. I'm sure I'll never see it again despite calling the rental agency's lost & found. How much are these cartridges? Can they be bought seperate...