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  1. Recovering sport bike rider can only pilot cars now!

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    I have a 2015 Passat Limited Edition 1.8T and will be looking to improve handling and suspension compliance. A few extra ponies under the hood won’t hurt. As I can no longer ride my gentleman’s express (2000 Honda VFR800 Interceptor) due to permanent nerve damage in my arm/shoulder, I’m turning...
  2. Has anyone used the newer B5 rear door lock mechanisms in the older (99) cars?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a rear right door lock mechanism that is not opening from the outside, even directly pulling on the external handle metal cable with my hand. I believe the part# is 3B4839016B, but I cannot verify without tearing the door apart (and that would take considerable time and swearing). My...
  3. New diesel cars that emit almost ZERO NOx

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
  4. FS B5.5 OEM axles for automatic cars

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    I have a pair of OEM axles out of a B5.5 Passat. These will work on any B5.5 automatic drivetrain. The boots are good but would recommend installing new outer boots and swap out the outer joints (left-right, right-left) for a brand new feel. Asking $70.00 plus shipping for the pair. Located...
  5. 2 Car seats in Passat

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    While I see no real issue getting 2 carseats (not boosters) in the rear of a B5.5 if they go behind the passengers, anyone have any luck finding a way to get 2 seats in and still fit a 3rd passenger? I suspect not, but wanted to double check. Trying to prolong keeping the B5.5 as long as...
  6. Passat B5 B5.5 headliner compatibilty with other VW cars

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Guys, a couple of years ago I had to reglue the gray clothing of my headliner. I couldn't afford at that time paying someone to do it so I did it myself and I went as good as an amateur could go. The thing is that the gray coating is starting to fall AGAIN and this time I'm seriously...
  7. New to VW not to cars.

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    Hey all, I am defiantly new to the VW scene but not new to cars by any means. I just picked up a 2014 Passat TSI. Fun car so far, bought it mainly as a family ride and commuter. Probably won't be doing much performance wise to her since she is an automatic but will defiantly be doing wheels and...
  8. anybody still into RC cars?

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    Wondering if anybody still does the RC car thing? I'm am moving soon and I need to consolidate a vast majority of my things. I have a brushed Traxxas Stampede and a Brushless Traxxas Rustler, both 2WD and 2 boxes of spare parts. Lots of them brand new still in the plastic. The Stampede is geared...
  9. Gotta love German cars!

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    This should be post #2
  10. Who says you can't be an enthusiast if you like stock late-model cars?

    Anything Auto
    Has anyone that's been around in the VW world noticed something? There are basically two factions of people you see at VW shows or events. A) The air-cooled crowd: Typically older people that grew up in these models, they like the relative simplicity of the mechanics, they're nostalgic, and...
  11. After many many cars I bought my first VW. 2000 Passat GLS wagon 1.8t manual with 40k

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    I will have many many questions to come so dont flame to hard
  12. Unlucky with cars

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    Hi Forum, I'm a miserable VW owner in need for help. Hope I find my answers here. Regards, A
  13. Scan tool for non-VAG cars in your fleet?

    Off-Topic Forum
    I have VAG-COM for my VW but have a Honda (wife's CRV) and a Chevy (my campervan) that I also work on. My Chevy has an airbag light on so I'm looking to see what I can do about it. From my limited research, I need an "enhanced" scan tool to be able to access the airbag codes. Does anyone have...
  14. The Road to Self-Driving Cars

    Anything Auto
    So self-driving cars (SDC) are obviously inevitable. The only questions really, are when will they become the norm and how and when will most everyone be "forced" to use them? My best guess today is that the SDC norm will be here within 10 years and the force-out of non-SDCs (NSDC) will be...
  15. Mass destruction of cars

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    Slow day at work today. I found this rather amazing and shocking at the same time. These cars look new!
  16. Conundrum. Which one of my cars do I sell?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I need to unload one my cars. I have way to many cars in my driveway. I'm caught between selling my '04 GLX and my '98 GLS. There are pros and cons to keeping either one of the cars for a daily driver, but the more I think about it, the harder the decision is becoming. Obviously the GLX has way...
  17. Larz Anderson Cars n' Coffee AUGUST 27th 2016

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    Shout out to anyone interested in cruising to the Larz Anderson Cars N' Coffee in Brookline, MA on the 27th. I'm hoping to be in a group with the RS to cruise up from Boston and wanted to give a heads up to anyone in the area. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. new to cars, in a pickle

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    Hello I am new to cars, my 05 passat-wagon is misfiring badly while idling, and I do not have the cash to take it in to someone in town. Can I fix a misfiring engine by myself? What computer cable should I buy to hook the car up to my laptop? Any other basic tools I should buy? Any help is...
  19. Future of Cars

    Anything Auto
    Hello Everyone, This is a topic I've been trying to comprehend for some time. Perhaps some of you guys are as curious and perhaps, like me, alarmed. I'm not a professional car person, ie, I don't now or have I ever earned my living in that industry. Like many of you, I like cars, I like driving...
  20. exchanging tires between cars

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So my '04 V6 has been totaled by by insurance company due to hydrolocking. The rims and tires are in better shape than my wife's Wagon. If I choose to exchange them between car before it's picked up by insurance company next week should I put them in the same place as they are right now, FL...