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  2. Anything Auto I understand why the car is half a million bucks now. Overzealous use of carbon fiber. :shock: *bling*
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    I'll be watchin' the bandwidth closely...if it gets linked anywhere else, I'm gonna axe it. :-P If you want to share w/ your buddies, email it to them or something. :lol: Right Click, Save As (DO NOT STREAM IT!). Its 22 mb BTW.
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    My friend dropped off a porche at the Don Rosen Porch and Audi dealership near Laffett in PA. He said there was a Carrera GT sitting in the show room, so the next day i went up there with him. The car was amazing looking. The story i was told is that some guy bought it for $450,000, never...
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    Model: Design Porsche Indicator (accessory for carrera GT) Chassis:Titanium Quantity:50 pieces Price: 65 000 Euros (Porsche Boxster from 42.256 Euros,Cayenne S from 60 352 Euros) :crazy: Made by: Eterna, Suiss (owned by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche)
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    I'm sorry, but I have a new love object. The V10 revs like a frickin' motorcycle engine, but has 5x more hp! :shock: (BTW, video is 21 mb)
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    Hey all, long time peeper, first time poster... I just got wind of some sweetly priced old porsche 16 inch rims with nice rubber. I haven't seen them yet but am trying to find out if they are 5 x 112 first, or maybe adaptable. Any ideas?