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  1. Lots of cable to run! What's the best path? CarPC project.

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    Hello everyone! I finally got most of the parts for my CarPC and now it's time to get some cables through! My plan is to have the unit in the trunk because I can't fit it anywhere else in my b5.5. Can You guys tell me what is the best way to get in to the trunk without exposing any cables? I'm...
  2. Installing a CarPC in a VW Passat 2001

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    Hello Im looking to get my first car (used) and Im looking to get a VOLKSWAGEN Passat 1.9 TDi 130CV Trendline for about 4.300€ (it has between 160 000 - 169 999 kms on it). The car Ill get (irrelevent if this one or not) will get a CarPC installed into it. This bascially means a PC will be...
  3. Where to place a carPC mainboard?

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    I guess this is more of a creative question instead of a tech question... I have a carPC which I built, and I am programming to control just about everything in the car, but I've kinda hit a creative block as to where to place it... Anyone have any ideas? The dimensions that I require...
  4. who built a CarPC for thier passat?

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    who all has built a computer for their car to hold music and movies etc... i always wanted to do this in my cars but never have.
  5. Carpc

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    Hello again, I wanna put a carpc in my passat b5.5 variant, but i don't have any ideia hot to do it... anyone can help me? Where should i put the pc.. the screen and where should i put the cables... if you can help me... Thanks a lot:bowdown: :bowdown: :thumbup:
  6. Sweet looking carpc

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    Wow, OEM looking, navigation, satellite radio control, mp3, and dvd movie. What more can you ask for?
  7. First B6 CarPC... No mine :(

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion I'm a vet over on, and just stublesd across this... Enjoy... It's an awesome thing to have a CarPC. I used to have one too. And probably will one nice day :)
  8. FS: 2003 BMW 330Ci 5speed Dinan, Hamanns and CarPC

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    FS: 2003 BMW 330Ci 5speed Dinan, Sport Pkg and CarPC My roommate is selling his 2003 330Ci with ~40000 miles and 5 speed manual tranny with sport package and CarPC with Navi. Every option including sport suspension and aluminum interior. Black on black leather with tinted windows, auto leveling...
  9. xbox as a carpc

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    can i use a xbox as a carpc with a lcd touch screen ? If so how do i wire it in?
  10. CarPC: Impressions from the first Road Trip Test - REVISED!!

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    I had the wrong message in here.... this one I put in the group buy section, but would be usefull for anyone making decisions about a CarPC... ----------------------------------- vegasvw has put together a miniITX machine that is installed and working. We road tested it from Vegas to the ND...
  11. CarPC install (with pics)

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    Here are some pics of the carpc I put together. The PC is a VIA Epia-M 10000 powered by an Opus power supply. The power supply (on top of the PC, is a relay and wakes and sleeps the computer as the ACC is turned on or off. The system has no optical drive and instead I use a...
  12. Pictures of my dashboard switches and Car-PC !!! UPDATE !!!

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    I will be posting these tonight, i Promise!! :lol: 8) okkeeddokkee, ive got pics!!! Someone gimmie their email address and ill send em tooya to post up :bow: :wink: its a 1.4mg download with about 10 pics (fully detailed) of my current progress... [email protected]