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  1. Carl - Cincinnati, OH

    USA - Central
    Hows it going everyone. Been reading the forums here since about day one of owning my new vehicle. Bought a used 2002 V6 4motion with 35k miles on. Got an amazing price for it. Trying to really learn a bit more about the engineering. Am going into Computer Engineering here soon once I get a...
  2. Carl - Waterloo, IA

    USA - Central
    Purchased this 2002 Passat GLX 4Motion Variant :b55: one week ago and decided to get some pics of it to document it's life with me. I was in the mini-truck seen for about five years in the early-mid 90s and I am still unsure if/how far I want to dive into something else. Right now, it just needs...
  3. Carl Depelteau - Montreal, QC

    Carl Depelteau - Montreal, Qc This is my ride: [Modified by CWay27, 5:21 PM 8/29/2002] [Modified by CWay27, 3:22 PM 2/24/2003] [Modified by CWay27, 2:00 PM 2/27/2003] <![CDATA[This is my ride: [Modified by CWay27, 5:21 PM 8/29/2002]...
  4. Carl Atkinson - York, PA

    USA - East
    I have a '99 GLS-V6 5 speed Satin Silver with Black Leather and Luxury Package. I have installed the VW warning triangle and crystal clear sidemarkers. I have also installed Bilstein HD shock absorbers, a billet aluminum shorty antenna, and a Euro spec headlight switch with the 56d tab taped to...