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  1. help with passat capacitor

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    im mike
  2. Positive Battery Cable to Alternator - Inline Capacitor?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I've read the DIY about doing the Big 3 ground upgrade, and I'm about to jump in, but I can't find an answer and it doesn't seem resolved whether or not the cylinder shaped object that is wired in line between the battery and alternator is a capacitor or something else. See pic...
  3. Are Car capacitor bad ?

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    Hey I have never heard of this but in a fourm somebuddy told me that a car capacitor is very bad for your batter. I have never heard of this thats what an car capacitor is good for save juice on that battery. If u like i can send u my set up i am getting and even the capacitor if u like. what do...
  4. Flux Capacitor

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    This might be a really stupid idea, but anyone else thought it might be cool to have a flux capacitor that function as a Boost Gauge? AKA: boost builds, the lights grow from the center to the outside (blue), when it goes negative, grows from inside to outside (red). Just one of those things...
  5. Back to NY sale... Pulleys, Capacitor, Key, Short Shifter, ECU, Vents, Dunks more...

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    I raided my storage unit in NY and this is what's for sale: (I can provide more pictures by request and offers are considered for some) 2001 V6 ECU = $50 + s/h (make sure your numbers match for an even swap) (this is good if you're chipping it and want to keep a spare around) UDX ULTRA SS...
  6. capacitor

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    okay i put in a new 750 watt amp to power my subs and now ill here pretty good bass comming then randomally ill get a boost of bass. does anyknow anything about this and do i need to install a capacitor??
  7. Anyone Have A Flux Capacitor?

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  8. Capacitor

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    I recently bought my Passat and really have done a lot of research through the forums to see how to hook up my system. As posted in an earlier thread I am running two 12's and a 1200 watt bridged amp and am trying to add in a 1.5 farad cap. I have a basic concept of how it is supposed to be...
  9. Help! Capacitor Install issues

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    Ive charged my Tsunami 1.5 farad cap by running a wire from its - lead to the - lead on the battery. The + lead runs from the battery to the charging bulb to the + on the cap. The problem is that the cap dosnt hold its charge. After i remove the charging bulb, i also remove the - line from the...
  10. hybrid capacitor vs extra battery

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    So here's where i'm at. Currently i have 2 kicker solo's running off of one Kenwood Excelon KAC-X810D, and just purchased a Kenwood Excelon KAC-X812D yesterday to match it. Now here's my question. Do I get a 1 Farad Cap for each amp? Do I get a 5 Farad Hybrid Cap for both? Or do I get an...
  11. FS: 2 Fared Tsunami Capacitor

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    Bought it for the audio install but never used it. Like new condition, has plexi glass mounting brackets and blue center section that lights up with digital voltage display. I accept Paypal or money order, first $50 gets it.
  12. Installed a .5 Farad Capacitor today . . . (pics)

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    Anyways I'd rather not have one since these things are ginormous but I was having some dimming problems with the instrument cluster when pounding the sub. Anyways I had to fabricate a mounting bracket to secure it to the rear deck & everything took about 3 hours but I am pretty happy with the...
  13. Capacitor Question?

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    So I had my sub unhooked for like three weeks getting a new driver. I got it back today and my cap is only putting out like 9.4 volts. This is a problem. I need something like atleast 11 for the amp to turn on. A friend of mine was saying that I should try discharging and recharging the cap...
  14. 6 y/o battery + 1200w amp - capacitor + Vagcom = FUN!!!!!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So we were bored last night and to celebrate my battery's 6th birthday (sais 10/97 on it) we hooked up the vag com and did a voltage test while I was running my system at near full blast. Mind you I'm running a 1200watt RMS amp with NO capacitor (I'm getting one real soon :-P ) you can see the...
  15. Installing a capacitor (help?)

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    i have a 1 farad capacitor and need a little advice on the install. from my battery, i have 4 gauge power wire run to the trunk, and this is what, from the directions that on the positive terminal, i would wire the 4 gauge + wire into it, then back out to the amplifiers, then on the negative...