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  1. Latest candidate for scumbag of the decade

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    A Lewes pediatrician was charged Friday with 26 new counts related to the sexual abuse of female patients ranging in age from three months to 13 years, police said.
  2. Big Tech Tips: Windows 7 Release Candidate!

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    Windows 7 RC Adds Virtual Windows XP Mode Saturday, April 25, 2009 - by Jennifer Johnson A recent announcement from Microsoft should make it easier to convince Windows XP users to upgrade to the latest version of its operating system. For a while now, the company has been working on a Windows XP...
  3. Another good candidate for a baller project?

    Anything Auto
    What do you think about this as another project? The overall condition is not bad and of course it will be screaming engine swap.
  4. Which candidate will cost you less in income tax?

    The Black Hole
    For those of you who are basing your vote solely on who you think is going to cost you less income tax-wise, here's a handy chart from the Washington Post to help! Obama and McCain Tax Proposals According to a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center, a joint project of the Urban Institute and...
  5. Candidate Calculator

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    Hopefully not a repost. For those that are having a hard time decide:
  6. WANTED: Third Party Candidate for President

    The Black Hole
    Wanted: Third Party Candidate for President of The United States of America Requirements: 1. U.S. born, White, Christian (born), Heterosexual Male between the ages of 35 and 55 years. 2. Celebrity of Movie Star status or Professional Athlete 3. No physical deformities 4. Very handsome...
  7. Almost a candidate for a Darwin.

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  8. I finally found a candidate I feel good about supporting!

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    I found a new candidate to endorse via write in this election. He is a Republican (well sort of) Representative from Texas of all places and I will be happy to support a Presidential bid by him in the near future. I hope he runs in 2008 (he is pushing for write-in votes this year). Ron Paul...
  9. If You Could Ask Any Presidential Candidate A Question...

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    What would the question be and to whom would you ask it?
  10. Recall Candidate Positions

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    Anybody know of any websites that show the positions on different issues for the candidates in the recall? Since the regular news media has decided not to cover "issues" (they only tell me who is ahead in the recent poll ... and who is airing this ad... ) I was trying to find resources for...
  11. Candidate required to walk on water -or- Why I'm beginning t

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    Candidate required to walk on water -or- Why I'm beginning to hate my job. Let me preface this rant with how much I enjoy working for my employer... it's not the job any longer, but the benefits. Great stock, decent 401(k) matching and self-management access, every other Friday off, average...