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  1. :: ECS Tuning :: WASPcam Action Cameras and Accessories are now available!

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    Have you noticed a craze about action cameras lately? They are being used for action shots when being adventurous, Creative shots or filming, troubleshooting issues with your vehicle, and keeping vacation memories saved in a video or picture. Your creativeness may be your only limit to the use...
  2. RNS 315 Speed cameras

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    hi there can anybody tell me if there is any way of downloading speed cameras for the RNS315 Ray
  3. 2.8 V6 Owners w/ cameras..

    B5 Garage
    Hi I would just like to know if someone could post a picture of their engine without the main middle plastic cover on.. Preferably in the back of the engine area where the throttle body is. I would like to see exactly what your vacuum lines run to. And if you have a P0411 code like me lol don't...
  4. Endeavour's Final Launch from booster cameras

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    Watch Endeavour's launch from six different cameras mounted facing aft and forward on the boosters plus the intertank. The separations are pretty cool, and you get to be ON the boosters as they tumble back toward the ocean, then the chutes deploy and they hit the water. In some of the shots you...
  5. Backward Looking Cameras Are in Your Car's Future

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  6. HD Recording Video Cameras

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    Anybody have any tips or suggestions?
  7. Feeler Group Buy for laptop batteries, digital cameras, or PDAs

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    Just wondering if anyone is interested in some OE replacement batteries for their laptops, digital cameras, PDAs, etc.... First I would like to know the models of batteries and how many cell and capacity people are wanting. Laptop batteries will have samsung korea cells and price will vary if...
  8. Feeler Group Buy for laptop batteries, digital cameras, or PDAs

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    moved to off topic
  9. Point and shoot cameras

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    Well I had my Canon PowerShot SD630 6MP Digital Elph Camera stolen a few months ago,and i am looking for a new point and shoot. does anyone know any good camera for 200$ that i can get? i liked the sd630 but it took horrible night shots.
  10. Dallas red light cameras work too well

    Off-Topic Forum :lol: So much for the cameras paying for themselves.
  11. $%&$* Red Light Cameras

    Anything Auto
    I think a red light camera may have taken a photo of me today. There was this guy tailgaiting me and since even stock passats stop in 123 ft from 0-60 and I have 215 mm tires, I could stop in like 118 ft @ 60mph, and well under 100 ft @ 45 MPH and would have gotten rear ended. I went through the...
  12. Home Security Cameras?

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    Anyone have any experience with home security cameras? Something not too expensive.
  13. Wireless mini In-car Cameras...

    Mobile Electronics
    I've seen this done once at a local stereo shop, anyone else have this? you can get them fairly cheap on Ebay and such.. I'd like to do this with my CVA-1006, just as something fun and i would like some ideas if anyone else has done it. Thanks! Tim
  14. Network cameras

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    I'm thinking about getting two of these for my house. One to watch the front door and another to watch the back yard. Anyone installed cameras at home?
  15. Anyone with X10 cameras

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    Anyone hook up any x10 cameras or video surveilance in their Homes? There have been a rash of car break-ins and attempted thefts of cars in my neighborhood. My neighbors on the right and left of my property had their cars broken into and the other stolen. The stolen car was a Passat, the car...
  16. Digital Cameras, Sony DSC or Pentax?

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    I'm going to be purchasing an ultra compact digital pretty soon here. Does any one have any experience with the Sony DSC-U30 (was the U-10 and U-20) or Pentax Optio S. Size and weight are huge considerations, so of course I understand I will be losing picture quality compared to a "good"...
  17. Digital Cameras looking for input

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    I have been looking for a nice digital camera for my own personal use to replace my now aged Sony. I really don't think I need anything super high in megapixels but I would like the camera to take nice pictures. I came across a Panasonic that I really like the features on however because of...
  18. Cameras

    Mobile Electronics
    I am about to try to build my own back up camera. I have a 7 indash LCD screen which I will hook it up to. Anyone else do this mod yet? Or anyone else interested in doing something like this?
  19. The Real Reason Mobile Phones have Cameras

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    Mobile phones with cameras meets hot or not.
  20. X-10 cameras

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    Anyone have these things around the house? If so, how well do they work. Just interested in using it to keep an eye on our children and for security in the house.