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  1. B5 Garage
    Had to resort to giving up and admitting temporary defeat earlier today because I couldn't dismantle the blower motor as I was going to replace the bushes. I plan on replacing it now as when I took the old one out it looked pretty goofed tbh, but I thought I'd post these pictures up to clarify...
  2. Dealerships and Service
    1st- I worked there for a bit, I left after six months due to the absurdity. You have two way better choices in O'steen (always awesome- go see Mike Schiandra) and a not so far 2nd place is Ash Tisdale. The service at Tom Bush is atrocious. they are crooks. Some specifics I witnessed-...
  3. Europe
    i want to buy front anti roll bar bushes for my passat B5 and i was looking on the site to find out there are 3 options 25mm,27mm,29mm. can any one help which size to buy . i have my car lowered about 30mm on eibach springs. happy new year