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  1. Khalid Aldawsari..... hero to Democrats and other Anti-GW Bush crowd?

    The Black Hole
    I can see the pundits on MSNBC and CNN calling this guy a hero Wait... it came from Faux News... it can't be a news source, hardy har har har.. done trolling for a few months....
  2. Disassembling Blower Motor for Bush Repair

    B5 Garage
    Had to resort to giving up and admitting temporary defeat earlier today because I couldn't dismantle the blower motor as I was going to replace the bushes. I plan on replacing it now as when I took the old one out it looked pretty goofed tbh, but I thought I'd post these pictures up to clarify...
  3. Karma for the Bush shoe thrower?

    The Black Hole PARIS (Reuters) – An Iraqi reporter imprisoned for throwing his shoes at U.S. President George W. Bush found himself on the receiving end of a similar footwear attack in Paris on Tuesday. Muntazer al-Zaidi, whose flare-up against...
  4. Obama tops Bush on Pakistan contribution.

    The Black Hole 7.5 BILLION cash hand over to Pakistan. this is just brilliant. I was never a fan of "payments". Give them what they need, Military support, food, blankets....whatever just NOT money. :banghead::banghead::banghead: Best Car...
  5. Former first daughter Jenna Bush joins 'Today'

    The Black Hole
  6. One day, some will say that Bush wasn't so bad.

    The Black Hole
    I have a feeling... Sure Bush was in bed with Oil and Mercenary companies....BUT is that as bad as being in bed with the banks. Hmmm, really puts a perspective on things. I think our government is in a race of "who can bring...
  7. Bush links to Nazi.

    The Black Hole
    Know quite a bit of WW2 history, but never heard of this. I uncovered this info when I was researching Carlyle group.....hehe Not sure how valid....but seems pretty fucked up. Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE...
  8. Obama has done more damage than Bush

    The Black Hole
    I didn't say that, Ted Rall did: From here.
  9. Smooth transfer and takeover. Bush to Obama.

    The Black Hole
    Ok fine, perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions here....I just found it funny as hell Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  10. This Just In for MLK Day: Ramos and Compean Finally Pardoned by Bush!

    The Black Hole
    Finally, justice has prevailed to this two American heroes guarding our borders!!
  11. Another Bush...

    The Black Hole Can you imagine? "" He said that he thought that his son Jeb, the former governor of Florida, should consider seeking the seat that Senator Mel Martinez of that state will vacate in 2010. He then added, "I'd like to see him run for...
  12. Reporter throws shoes at George Bush

    The Black Hole (CNN) -- President Bush made a farewell visit Sunday to Baghdad, Iraq, where he met with Iraqi leaders and was targeted by an angry Iraqi man, who jumped up and threw shoes at Bush during a news conference. Among Muslims, throwing...
  13. Bush regime guilty of torture

    The Black Hole
    Bi-partisan Senate Armed Services Committee two-year investigation concludes that bush, and his advisors and bureaucrats, are responsible for "the physical and mental abuse" of Iraqi detainees. Unlike the guilty soldiers at Abu Ghraib, however, bush et al will not likely go to jail, or even face...
  14. Bush Third Term?

    The Black Hole
    Let's see....Gates in (Iraq policy is going to look more Bush/McCain vs. campaign Obama).....Tax increase on the "rich" are probably on hold.....and now the "windfall" tax on Big Oil is history..... So, when is Obama...
  15. Are you proud of GW Bush?

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  16. Bush's Pardons

    The Black Hole
    Most include drugs! surprise!
  17. George Bush: Worst ex-president ever!!!

    The Black Hole
    It's time to see if GW can continue his ineptness into the private sector. I beleive before being president he was never associated with a profitable company. The Bush library is looking for any documents or papers to on view since Gonzales took all of the previous documents home and shredded...
  18. One more Bush failure

    The Black Hole Of course GW had no clue how international reltions worked anyway.:salute: The list of failures just gets longer and longer.
  19. So when Bush leaves........?

    The Black Hole
    Even Fox News is now talking about the "R" word.,2933,445331,00.html
  20. Palin calls for "clean break" from Bush's energy policies...or not...

    The Black Hole;_ylt=AkrQX3P88lh17_v2uinL8_Cs0NUE So, Palin calls for a "clean break" from the Bush policy, but WTF does that mean? Seems like what she is proposing is similar to what Bush is asking for. Ok, let's start with the fact that Bush lifted...