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  1. Helping buddy check a 1.8t in the morning..WHAT TO LOOK FOR?!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Been a while since I've visited, anyway in the morning I'm going to check out a B5 A4 for my friend who isn't car savvy. It's a 2001 (facelifted and extra HP I believe), 1.8t with 86k miles. Guy is asking $3500, says he bought used from a stealership and has no maintenance records previous to...
  2. A buddy needs a fix and only America can help!

    Off-Topic Forum
    Afternoon CB5 - some of you may remember me from ... etc I have a buddy who became addicted to mint Oreos on his recent trip to the States. He has since discovered that they aren't sold here in the UK and wonders if anyone would be willing to help him feed his addiction by purchasing and...
  3. Help Me Convince My Buddy to Buy This W8.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, as the title states I want him to buy this car or at least get him to look at it to ask about the service records...
  4. one pic for my good buddy kevin :)

    The Showroom
    thanks for the craptastic directions today, although that yard did give me a ton of VR parts so it was worth it :thumbup: anyone know what this is :poke: its been in storage for a long time
  5. Buddy took some pics

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
  6. New riding buddy!

    The Showroom
    I thought he was so great I had to share! :driving:
  7. EnzoB5, the unveiling, with a buddy's b5.5 too ( lots of pics )

    The Showroom
    Here it is, I finally took the time to take photos, enjoy.
  8. Buddy out of Dakar rally on day one :(

    Anything Auto
    A good friend of mine is/was the navigator in a privateering team that wanted to become the first Canadian team to finish Dakar on four wheels. Taken out by an OE crank pully failure on day...
  9. DIY HID it all headlight assembly for my buddy's GLI 56K go fly a kite

    Anything Auto
    Well my buddy wants to HID all the light bulbs on his FK headlights. Yes that means 3 HID kits for a total of 6 ballasts, H7 X 2 @ 4300K and H3 @ 3000K for the fogs. So here I was installing the HID capsules and figuring where I will start to drill and pass some wiring. He is an idiot when it...
  10. We'll miss you, buddy

    Off-Topic Forum
    Our beloved 3-year old Golden Retriever went into a seizure last night and never came out of it. We had to bring him to the vet's office to have him put to sleep this morning. He was the most awesome dog I've ever encountered- patient with our young children and gentle beyond belief. We'll have...
  11. my buddy's 1/4mile run....

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    my buddy's a6 2.7t chip and custom downppipes with electronic cutouts (made by me) 13.4...
  12. How should you handle a buddy that is in denial?

    Off-Topic Forum
    I have a very good friend that really seems to be in full denial on a very important issue. Many of his close dear friends have reached out and talked with him one-on-one about the issue, but he still fights it tooth and nail. We have had a few sit downs to bring the problem to light and...
  13. Who is on your buddy list?

    Off-Topic Forum
    I see there is this ignore and buddy list on Passat world. I have no idea what it means. At first I thought if someone was your buddy that posts would pop up when they post them but that's not the case. I only have Pson and JRikez on my list. I miss Jay, he hasn't been here since early...
  14. WTB: Delta Buddy Pass (international)

    Classified Archive
    I'm planning a trip for the summer and want to purchase a buddy pass with delta. I've used them in the past and am familiar with the process/dress code. Thanks!
  15. I need a buddy!!!!

    Off-Topic Forum
    Hey everyone, i've had my passat for over a year now and have been taking it to the mechanic to have all the work done on it. It's gotten pretty expensive... So i finally decided to start doing my own work on my own damn car. The only prob is that it's hard to work on this thing if you don't...
  16. Rain Drain "Plugged" ??? -- See my buddy's thoughts ...

    B5 Garage
    On a local Cleveland, Ohio VW/Audi forum ( of which I'm a long time member (and the administrator!), a local friend of mine told me the following: This isn't my first B5 before, and I've never had issues with this prior. Then again this will be my first real hard-core winter-use...
  17. A buddy of mine has been pillaged...

    He's not in PACK but he is working his way up to apply - he's also a CB5 member. He just laid down his 3rd colony (a level 1 town) and within hours some n00b waded on in and pillaged him. I've sent the n00b a warning message from me (not from PACK) that if he doesn't back off with immediate...
  18. B5 1.8t, helpin' a buddy

    New Member Introductions
    yeah, so I found this place off Wiki, I've had pretty good luck with wiki recomended forums. my neighbor kid I hang with just got a B5 1.8T and I'm tryin to keep him from ricing it out. I dont own a woltsvagen, but my best friend had two 5000CS turbo quatro's, with the 2.5 inline 5, and I...
  19. Where in the world do i get a TT Buddy?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I got my turbo timer in the other day and it skipped my thoughts that i need a TT buddy because i have a B5.5. I've searched and searched and i cannot find them. Can anybody point me in the right direction to find one? Thanks :thumbup:
  20. buddy bought an 2004 F150 and it had no air filter installed!!!

    Anything Auto
    My buddy just bought a 2004 F150 from a private seller, and checked today to find no air filter!!!, He called the guy he bought it from who told him he took it out right before my buddy came over to check it out, said he was planning on going to store with other car to get a new filter, but then...