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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    As some of you may recall, back in the Summer of 2004, a Canadian company called Brullen Exhaust Systmes, Inc. sponsored a group buy on their cat back exhaust for B5.5 Passats. I purchased one of these systems. It is a cat back, 2.5" system which completely removes the mid-car suitcase...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a Brullen exhaust on my B5 Manual 1.8T and I wanted to know if was the same as the B5.5 and Tip exhausts from Brullen? Thanks, Ian
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello, I Tried every number on this site and the one on my bill ,none of them are in service ,anybody has a workink phone # For Richard at Brullen, Thanks
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I noticed the majority of owners with the Brullen exhaust made cutouts into the bumper, and was wondering if this was something that was required. I definitely like the look, but wanted to know if it was because of fitament issues. Do the later Brullen builds (02/03) have a kink in the exit...
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Title says it all? Are they still around? I was planning on getting an exhaust from them sometime in the near future... -Jordan
  6. B5 Garage
    Hey gang, I picked up a used Brullen 2.5" cat-back system from a fellow b5'er late last year, and I'm finally ready to install it. Those of you with the Brullen systems, what kind of gaskets do I need in order to install this thing? Do I need one of those "donut" things or just a metal gasket...
  7. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    After searching for a muffler (only thing i can afford now) I decided to go for brullen. Can anyone tell me from what site they ordered it from and the dimensions of the muffler please? They have diffferent sizes for the muffler itself and not sure which one to order. Any help is appreciated...
  8. Group Buys
    After looking at the last gb on this exhaust, and the absence of a willing "middle man", I'm gonna try it out and call them and try to get it rolling. I will call them on Monday or Tuesday to get the info. Then I'll post it. I won't post pictures, so check it out on their website. I need a...
  9. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anyone have a brullen exhaust for the 1.8t? I seen it on their website but haven't heard of anyone having one. How is it?
  10. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just got my system installed 3 weeks ago from the group buy, and two days ago a bracket fell off and tore a hole in the muffler, had to drive up to a shop to get it patched, the whole time it sounded like some abomination, or ricer, it was bad...
  11. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just had my brullen installed and on the way home there was this burning smell, is thats just because its getting hot for the first time and it will eventually stop after it settles down?
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm intersted in buying a system from the group buy section that is going on right now, but i have a few questions. First off I plan on upgrading my turbo in the future does that mean i have to replace the whole system again or just the down pipe??? Does the downpipe that i get...
1-12 of 69 Results