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  1. British GP replay this afternoon - WORTH WATCHING

    Anything Auto
    Wild race at Silverstone today. If you have nothing more important to do check out the replay on NBC Sports this afternoon.
  2. Topless British Dame (ILF)

    Anything Auto
    Found her this morning peeking out at me from the service bay at the corner garage. Wish I could have taken her home with me. ;)
  3. In honor of Le Mans, old cars, really cool background music, and classy British guys

    Anything Auto
    I present the following, which I founds on the ALMS facebook page. I'm not as well versed in racing as some here, but I found this incredibly enjoyable.
  4. All British and European Car Day 2011 - Dallas, TX

    The Showroom
    I found out about this event for the first time via Facebook and a post here on PW by Riley. TONS of amazing old cars, mostly British, but other European makes as well. I got there late in the afternoon and some cars were starting to leave, so I wanted to see as much as I could. As a result...
  5. All British and European Car Day, Dallas, TX

    Events & Gatherings thought the European part of this would interest some VW owners. It's at White Rock Lake on Sun. 10a-4p.
  6. british history X (some fresh profesh pics)

    The Showroom
    short story,i got some professional pics took of mine for a couple of mag features and the photographers just finished editing them up,heres some of the ones that never made the magazine rest of the pics below,can only say thanks to ian chan-ICY for the shots,i love the pics hope...
  7. Jeremy Denny.......S.A. British Columbia

    Well Ive been enjoying the site for the past day or so and have to say this is AWESOME! Ive been dreaming of a place where Passats were loved for a long time... Finnaly found it. Ive been given some serious push latley from my VERY supportive wife (espicaly when it comes to my VW addiction) to...
  8. Question for our British members...

    Anything Auto
    Just wondering what all the license plate deals mean.. I see cars for sale in PVW and they say "H-reg", "P-reg" etc. I know reg is registered, but what do the different classifications mean?
  9. Ahhh, British programming.

    Anything Auto
    Top Gear offers many a service for the everyday citizen... don't think I would have made it by another day without this one!
  10. British Authorities to Start Deporting Muslim Extremists

    The Black Hole
    Better late than never ... British authorities to deport 500 Muslim extremists
  11. British govt. questioned validity of Iraq war ...

    The Black Hole
    Interesting and sad. Impossible to tell Labour from Tory now. Memos Show British Fretting Over Iraq War By THOMAS WAGNER Associated Press Writer LONDON - When Prime Minister Tony Blair's...
  12. British Passat TDI Commercial

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    With search being so wonky, hope this isn't a repost. But here's a British TDI Passat commercial. Some rude words, by Brit standards.
  13. British 'CAR' Magazine

    Anything Auto
    I need to expand my list of subscriptions... I'm getting bored with the current selection of periodicals that I read during that special "alone time". I have looked... not terribly hard, but I have looked, to find a phone # or web site to subscribe to my altime favorite car mag CAR... does...