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    Hi folks, Have had the Continental PureContact tires on there the last few years but they're shot and need new rubber before winter rolls into NJ. The car is stock and the original Goodyear tires were noisy as hell. So I'm looking for a good quality tire that isn't noisy and which will work...
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    I have a set of four Bridgestone Blizzak WS-80 winter tires on Sport Edition A8 titanium gunmetal wheels for sale. They were on my dearly beloved 2000 B5 GLX wagon that retired this fall. They won't fit over the front brakes on my wagon's replacement, a MK7 GTI. Used only January-March of...
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    Considering Bridgestone DriveGuard run flats for our next set of tires (2013 Passat 2.5 SE). Not ready to buy yet but doing some early research. Since the TPMS does not have individual sensors inside each tire, but instead uses the ABS system to detect low tire pressure, would I get a reliable...
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    For Sale VW Rims and Tires Wheel name: VW Classix Quantity: 4 Rims, 4 Tires, 4 Center caps Original application:OEM from 2006 VW JETTA GLI Wheel Spec: 17" x 7" Wheel lug pattern: 5x112 Wheel offset: 54et Center bore: 57.1mm Weight: 23lbs Brand: Ronal (made in Germany) Tire Size: 205/40/17...
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    Ready to roll onto your B5/5.5 for a classic look with tenacious grip. Wheel 1 closeup: Wheel 2 closeup: Wheel 3 closeup: Wheel 4 closeup: Wheel 1 tread depth: Wheel 2 thread depth: Wheel 3 thread depth: Wheel 4 thread depth: 100% round and true, restored and refinished in...
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    I have just replaced Oem 18 Bridgestone tires for a set of Hankook Evo 12 245 45 18 So far so good, quieter and most important they have grip on wet, previous (OEM) were a joke.
  7. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi after looking all over for good tires I have landed on brigestone potenza G019 205/55/16 (set of 4 $611)didn't order online because the savings was not there. Price was pretty close after tax shipping install. Did I make a mistake on this deal. Living in omaha nebraska weather conditions...
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  9. Parts For Sale
    I have for sale a set of for 15 inch steel rims mounted with Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 snow tires. The tires have 3 seasons on them and were only run November - February. They were purchased in September, 2008. They were stored properly in my professional mechanic's service garage when not in...
  10. Wheel and Tire Forum
    So lets say this was the situation: A friend of mine is hypothetically getting Passat. Then lets say he hypothetically wanted to put some 18x9.5 all around with some real aggressive offsets. Then hypothetically Bridgestone was the only tire that existed in the world The Protenza RE050 comes...
  11. Classified Archive
    two almost brand new, only about 400 miles on them, 98%. Send your email to send pictures if you are interested, I changed to 18" and I don't need them anymore. asking $150 for both
  12. Classified Archive
    SOLD Still have: 15mm billet 5x112 spacers (some JDM brand) with extended ball seat lug bolts - $70
  13. Classified Archive
    full set of like new 215-45-18in low profile Bridgestone Potenza Tires with good thread about 90% $325 or trades are considered. locals only. longisland newyork pickup
  14. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I purchased a set of Bridgestone re-01r in 235/45/17s for my Evo last February, 2009 when Tire Rack was closing them out. I put them on last summer, and drove on them for only 2-3k miles at the most. Yesterday morning, I walked to my garage and noticed my left rear tire was completely flat...
  15. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hey guys Bridgestone is running a rebate on their tires currently. Anyone interested in new rubber may find it helpful. See our website and this link for full details. Bridgestone Rebate Please let me know if I can help and thanks for referencing "Passatworld" Rudy 800-428-8355 X664
  16. Classified Archive
    I have yet to clean these up but will post detailed pics later. I have a set (4) of 15'' Stock Wellingtons off my 2002 b5.5. Two of the rims are near perfect and two have some curb markings. Will take pics of EACH rim tomorrow. tires are bridgestone HP50's with about 70 percent tread left. 300...
  17. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Another good promo: Rudy 1-800-428-8355 X664 Please reference "Passatworld" when checking out if you place an order with the Tire Rack.
  18. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Surprised Rudy didn't tip you guys on these, but Tire Rack is closing them out on the cheap. A few sizes left. Give them a call: 195/50-15 $77 ea (normally $120 ea) 205/45-16 $106 ea (normally $172 ea) 225/50-16 $77 ea (normall $147 ea) 235/45-17 $116 ea (normally $211 ea) 245/40-17 $116 ea...
  19. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I have the Potenzas RE960AS, if I remember correctly. Has anyone tried the G019s? Any of the other Potenzas out there? I may at some point be looking for another set, and am very happy with the all season performance of the 960ASs but will be looking for a set for my summer 17s. Would...
  20. Wheel and Tire Forum
    has anyone had experience with these? I desperately need new tires. I'm blown away on the price though, are they cheap?