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  1. USA - South
    Whats up everybody. I just got my 2003 Passat swagger wagon 2 weeks ago. My wife and daughter were involved in a bad car accident 2 weeks ago and my brother in law had this 2003 Passat wagon. He called me and told me he wanted to sign the title into my name since the only car we owned was...
  2. Canada
    I've been a member on here for some time. I had been searching for a new ride 2 years ago and was deciding between a Mazda 6 and the VW Passat. After taking one ride around, the passat was a clear choice. I ended up getting a STELLAR deal on my car. Its a 2003 VW Passat 5spd 1.8T and it's...
  3. USA - Central
    Hey i have has my car for about a year. I have a 2002 b5.5 1.8t. I bought the car from Hatfield Volkswagen for 6k last year and it had about 110k miles on it. In the first year i spent a shitload on repairs and everything, but now it seems to be doing good. I have put some after market tail...
  4. Canada
    Hello, New to the world of VW world. I just got a smoking deal on a fully loaded Silverstone Grey b5.5 with 100,000km on it. Needs some work as the old person thought it would be a great idea to drive into as many curbs as he could. Getting the windows tinted as we speak though. Pretty stoked...
  5. USA - East
    Hook... Line... and Sinker is all I have to say. Great site and great cars. I have had 3 VW's.. sort of. I bought a brand new 2004 vw passat gls 1.8T silverstone grey with black leather int. Had the car for about 1500 miles and then a drunk driver hit my parked car through a telephone pole and...
  6. USA - Central
    Just joined b5 and trying to make sure i'm registered.
  7. USA - Central
    Well, here's my profile: I purchased my baby on July 26th, 2003. I've always been in love with Audi's and after working my ass off, I decided I need something to show everyone how hard I've worked. Soooooo.....I purchased an.... Black 1998 Audi A4 1.8T Fully loaded with sport...
  8. USA - South
    So I have been here awhile, figured I would finally post here. 2001 GLX 4motion(B5), satin silver, no real mods yet, platinum tint 35% all the way around, TT antenna, more to come... :lol:
1-9 of 10 Results