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  1. F/S Bentley manuals and ECU brain

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    Hi, I have the two volume Bentley Passat manuals. New a couple years ago and still like new. $65 + shipping. And I have an ECM out of a 98 Passat $45 + shipping. Thanks, Brian
  2. Aloha World

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    Glad to become a member of the passat brain trust!
  3. is it really necessary... auto trans brain ?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I need auto trans rebuild on 99 passat wagon gls 1.8T . I was told that new brain is needed with rebuild, i just want to know is it really needed or is my chain being pulled hard?
  4. wagon needs new brain

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    anyone have a 4B0 906 018 BG, ECU they can sell 2000 atw manual, my spare has lost cruise control
  5. Electrical Fault Codes, Brain fried please help

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    1999 Passat 1.8 Petrol, B5 platform, Engine APT (3B) Right-Hand Drive I've read so many posts trying to sort out the electrical problems causing my car to die but then resurrect each time the battery is disconnected (& therefore ECU reset) that I'm now tied in knots. I've posted once before on...
  6. Need the hive brain's help!

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Need help to locate a hard to find badgeless grill Fellow Passat world (B5) members... I'm looking for a badgeless grill for My black B6 sounds easy but I'm gonna go kinda specific now.... needs to be: Badgeless; DUH black and chrome or chrome no plate holder molded in. (unlike JOM) need...
  7. Passat controlled by your brain

    Anything Auto is reporting on how German researchers claim to have rigged a Volkswagen Passat with a bunch of off-the-shelf parts to create a car that you can kinda-sorta drive with your mind. They used an electroencephalography gaming headset system and the car responds to certain commands after...
  8. 02 sensor question for the PW brain trust

    B5 Garage
    Engine is a 2002 AWM. When I was having my timing belt job done this week the shop also pulled an 02 sensor code - P0133 - B1S1 Response Too Slow. The car runs great and I still get close to 30 mpg even on short highway trips, but since I'm at ~93k miles on the original sensors I figured I...
  9. Brain fart.... Top dead center?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok so I had a brain fart while getting ready to put my head back on lol. I think I'm correct but cylinder 1 and 4 are at the top when in TDC right? Also you k now how there is a little play between TDC and when the second set of pistons start coming up does it matter where I leave it for TDC...
  10. Soon to be new wagon owner want opinons from Passat brain trust

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hi all, I'm a current Audi allroad and A4 owner who is considering the purchase of a CPO '07 3.6 4motion Wagon. I'm an active member in a couple of Audi forums and hope to become active here too. (if anyone is looking for Audi experience or input, please feel free to ask) I've owned a couple of...
  11. Leather seam repair, a.k.a. backseat brain surgery

    B5 Garage
    I had a seam that started to go on the narrower of the rear seat backs of my 03 GLX. I had some "traveling" upholstery dude offer to fix it in my driveway from the outside for $45.00, but he blew me off. Then, the really good upholstery guy offered to do it by taking off the cover and sewing it...
  12. fs pioneer avx-p8dvd deq p7000 brain

    Classified Archive
    i have this and this http://www.pioneerelectronics.....html p8dvd refurb works great touchscreen many many inputs outputs ip bus and on and on check link for details http://www.pioneerelectronics....onent i just got the brain it was a refurb also but only used for 5 minutes to make sure it...
  13. Transmission "brain" needs to be replaced

    B5 Garage
    Okay I'll try to make this short. I was driving my 98 passat and felt a clunk or a slip in the gears/transmission. Immediately I felt a loss of power, and gear display was all blacked out (safe mode?). I stopped the car, turned it off, started again, and the car drove fine. This has been on...
  14. WTB: Heated Seats Brain Box

    Classified Archive
    I moved to a COOOOOLD place and never realized how much I need heated seats. I have the leather front heated seats and the switches... I just need the brain box. Anyone have this lying around?
  15. pioneer dvd brain trouble

    Mobile Electronics
    I picked up the dvd from QS (sweet) and i got a brain avm8000r for it so i can get rid of my 880prs. i have it all hooked up but the brain is not responding/coming on but it is getting power,i dont know if its not compatible yet but im hoping i got something mixed up. any pointers would be...
  16. Brain install question

    Mobile Electronics
    I did a search for this but nothing specific came up. I am picking up a AVIC N1 tomorrow from a buddy of mine at work- He is selling me the unit, brain, as well as a TV tuner for $800. He sold his car and does not want to put this in his new one- Finally some good fortune comes my way! Anyways I...
  17. Left brain, right brain - Legacy vs. Accord

    Anything Auto
    After 3 years of ownership, my wife and I have decided to leave the VW fold. It has been a great experience. We loved our Passat from the day we saw her sitting on the dealer's lot (she was a certified pre-owned model). It was our first europeen car and waking up every morning and driving her...
  18. Here's one for you brain surgons & scientists!! Brake Cl

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Here's one for you brain surgons & scientists!! Brake Clunk! My front end Clunk/Knock is back!!!! :cry: I just replaced every Control Arm, Sway Links, Front wheel bearings, TRE's, Springs, Shocks, and Tires. (and front rotors, fuel filter, brake flush, etc..) Just Aligned at EF1 yesterday...
  19. FS: **SOLD**7inch Pioneer monitor, Brain, DVD

    Classified Archive
    Well, to make a long story short these are up for sale again. I need to sell these ASAP (before May 20th!) - Monitor: AVX-P700CD, with Brain (AVM-P505R) - DVD: Performance Tekniqe (model #ICBM-9794) * Very comact! Can put anywhere, I put it where the cubby hole was!* Here is a pic from May 12...
  20. Brain picking, Want more than stage 2 tuning.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have 15 psi currently and am ready to explore the breathing capability of the gt28r. My goal is 300 hp. I have added a few things since my last post and will run it down in a second. But my issue is tuning. I called Mike at tyrol sport and he told me that i needed 440cc injectors to be...