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  1. just wanted to brag

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    all this was done in 30 hours strait seconds before wuste
  2. For those who brag about the number of iPhone apps

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    The average iPhone or iPod Touch owner uses 5 to 10 apps regularly, according to Flurry, a research firm that studies mobile trends. This despite the surfeit of available apps: some 140,000 and counting. people discover apps most often by browsing app stores. And even though the iTunes store...
  3. Brag brag brag

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    10K beeshes:P . I'm looking forward to start posting some informative and helpful things...
  4. Time to brag

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This will prolly get moved somewhere but I don't see a "Click & Brag " Forum Speaks for itself ; Oh .. here is the car
  5. When you fix a problem with your car do u brag?

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    I love this site! I feel so smart today!
  6. Have to brag a little bit...

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    ...about my daughter. She plays in an under 11 soccer league against 5th and 6th graders. She has played for about 8 seasons now and has somewhat gotten over being scared etc. and is still figuring out the game completely(poor coaching in the past). She does however have her dad's kick. When...
  7. I need to brag a little

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    Look what I started wearing on my uniforms today: For those that are familiar with enlisted ranks, it's an Air Force E-8 stripe. Senior Master Sergeant. Promotion to E-8 is the second lowest promotion rate in the military. Only 8% of E-7s get selected. The only promotion tougher is Brigadier...
  8. Now Rotors Installed (and a brag about my fiancee)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    w00t! So I ran over to Z28's house today to pick up some Brembro Rotors and got home and said "you know, Bel's a great guy, but I think I can do this myself" So I grabbed the step-by-step from here on doing a rotor/pad install and went downstairs with my tools. My lovely fiancee came down...
  9. I gotta brag . . .

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just got back from a road trip to Casper WY from Omaha NE. From Casper to Ogallala (I don't expect any of you to know where those are) I got 36.2 mpg going 70 mph. The rest of the way (all interstate) I got 31.4 doing 80 mph. Both ways I averaged 31 mpg hauling balls into the wind most of...
  10. Hate to brag but ... My City is the Bestest!

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    So ... I'm living in the most livable city in the World ... well arent I special How does your city rank?