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  1. Bob

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  2. Help Sound guy bob

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey there, i have a 2000 V6 5spd passat with a monsoon system and i heard that soundguybob is the best of the best around here... Soundguybob id like to put a new touch screen stereo in my car... Any suggestions for the 2000 passat? Someone told me that i would have to use a double din, but i...
  3. QED Power, Bob Qzzi - What's Up?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion has been down for several days now. My e-mail to Bob Q re: AEB head work has gone unresponded. Any idea what's going on?
  4. Why You Should Never Go To Bob Baker VW in Carlsbad CA For Service...

    Dealerships and Service
    Rant Warning. :mad::banghead: So I have yet another VW service department horror story. The other day, I left my 02 b5.5 off at BOB BAKER VW in Carlsbad, CA. Bad mistake. The story goes like this. Monday, I called the service department to inform them that I wanted a quote done for the...
  5. Bob Woodward's new book scorches Bush and his handling of Iraq

    The Black Hole
    from: It looks to me like: a) Bush doesn't trust his most senior military staff; b) makes end-runs around them; and, c) doesn't have a clue about what's really going on in Iraq, since he doesn't trust his senior military...
  6. Bay Area, Bob Lewis now WINN VW?

    Dealerships and Service
    Does anyone know if its changing other places too?? I just happened to notice the other day when I was bringing my car in to be serviced. And also does this make any kind of difference?? other than being new owenership i'm assuming. But yes I do also know that when I assume I make an Ass out...
  7. No Bob, I wouldn't say I've been 'missing' work....

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Fired my current employer today and accepted a new jobby job. :D :lol: :biglaugh:
  8. Bob Lewis VW Fremont CA - Parts Dept Slow

    Dealerships and Service
    Has anyone else had a problem from Bob Lewis's parts dept? I have been waiting for a part that I ordered around 10+ days ago. They told me that they would call me when they receive it. I asked how long should it take and they said a couple of days. I said cool and paid for it already. I...
  9. Bob Lewis - Shady dealer service?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I took my Passat in to Bob Lewis to take care of the oil leak that develops on most V6 Passats. They decided that it was only "seeping" oil, so it wasn't covered by warranty. They actually charged me to clean the oil off of the catalytic converter so the smell from the heater would go away...
  10. Bob Shearer - Loma Linda, CA

    USA - West
    Just in case you've never seen a nearly stock Passat here's mine. It's a '02 GLS Tip, Blue Silver with Grey Leather. Then Current Mods: Panasonic 6-disc CD Changer OEM Single CD player DRL Disabled 17" Chrome s4 "Avus" rims Wix/Napa Big Kahuna Filter Tip Sport Mode/Old shift style enabled...
  11. Bob - Fairfield County, CT

    USA - East
    I just picked up a 2001.5 GLX 4Motion. Looking for suggestions in the Fairfield County area for shops that can assist in doing performance mods, especially any chip installations?
  12. Bob Swisher - Covington, WA

    USA - West
    99 Silver GLS w/ tiptronic current mods are Mods are: debadged passat emblem, but put on script turbo chip (Wett) Redline oil Redline D4 ATF RE 930 Potenza tires silvestar and PIAA bulbs FK badgeless grill TT DV valve K&N air filter Borbet wheels c/d zimmerman rotors, axxis deluxe pads ready...
  13. Bob Johanson - Boston, MA

    USA - East
    it only took me a year to find this section of the forum. i'm bob johanson, 30 year old owner of 98 1.8t tip, satin silver mods: kkk k04-015 giac pc-16 k04 software bosch 310cc injectors 3 bar fpr giac tip chip TT 2.5" dp back w/ borla ecode 2.5" cat-delete testpipe FK smoked angel eyes w/...
  14. $390 for a 20k service at Bob Lewis!!!! No Way!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    That does include the Castrol Syntec 5W40. I freaked a little, fortunately this was before the service, I was about to walk out when they said they had a $200 version that excluded some things like cleaning the throttle body, rotating the tires and, if I remember correctly, doing something to...
  15. Bob Falfa Award?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok, my mind works in wierd ways. Who has the baddest black Passat that could double for Harrison Fords Black 55 Chevey in the American Graffiti Movie?
  16. Bob Spangler - Sunbury, PA

    USA - East
  17. Bob Pawlak - West Milwaukee, WI

    USA - Central
    Mostly stock, and proud of it. Well, okay, I'm a _little_ jealous of your car... 2002 Wagon GLX 4motion - delivery: 2/25/13 :D:D Silverstone Gray/Black Leather options? I dunno... it's a GLX. It has a sunroof, does that count? WeatherTech cargo mat In the glovebox/trunk: Ross-Tech...
  18. Bob Vernon - Seattle, WA

    USA - West
    Bob V - Seattle, WA 7/12/09 - Fresh coat of S100 wax yesterday and new window tint last week: I know... No mods. BUT - I factory ordered my A3 with EXACTLY what I would have added as mods to a lesser car. It's got sport suspension, 18" wheels/tires, sport seats, etc. 12/29/08: NEW AUDI...