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  1. OT - What People With Older BMWs Do To Pass The Time

    USA - West
    PNWBB (A Portland-baised BMW E21 group) had its annual Noon To Noon run. Here's some of the media from the event for your viewing pleasure. :beer: YOUTUBE VIDEO ---->
  2. Most Beautiful BMWs in the World

    Anything Auto Sorry if this is a repost.
  3. One of the nicest BMWs ever produced

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    They just don't build them quite like these anymore.
  4. Went for a drive with the BMWs. (Talimena)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ppena and I went for a nice long drive Saturday with the BMW guys. Here is the GTG thread: MY basic writeup: Yeah long day,lots of fun driving. Phillip and I (plus wives) made the trip. MBoyd was there to see us off. We started with 21...
  5. Nice drifting video (mostly BMWs)

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  6. is there a forum like this for Bmws?

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    my friends late nineties 325i has a problem and im trying to figure it out for her.... thanks so much.... :)