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  1. I must be crazy...

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    I lurk, a lot. I'm lurking you right now. I lurk so hard I murk. I'm talking lurkamurkadurka :poke: I don't really care because other people's opinions won't pay my bills. :P my glass is half full, but my driveway is totally full. I'm cool I promise. Drum n' bass> dubstep, mostly liquid. I...
  2. Good news to B6 "Bling Bling" lovers

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    B6 chrome parts at factory price. GB is active here:
  3. ACTIVE: New Misc "Bling Bling" Passat 3C B6 chrome parts at lowest price

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    I get these chrome parts directly from the factory so as to offer the lowest price to this forum members ONLY. These chrome parts are for Passat B6 3C only. Chrome headlights trims made of ABS plastic double side tape attached $29 shipped Chrome tail lights trims (sedan only, not for...