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    Hi, I've got couple of questions which I believe are may be related to the same issue. I recently bought a Passat 1.8 B5, and when I bought it the remote locking and electric Windows did not work. I discovered this was due to corroded wires going to the CCM in the passenger footwell, so I...
  2. B5 Garage
    Hi, I have a 2000 reg Passat B5 with Climatronic. I have foam coming out of the interior vents occasionally, and I believe it's caused by the foam disintegrating on the blend door. My aircon doesn't seem to work very well and I so this coupled with the foam leaves me to think its the blend...
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I had my car checked out today since the AC was not working at all. Before i had purchased the car i was told there were issues with the heater as it blew air but no heat, same issue with the AC currently. I happened to take it to pep boys today for a free AC inspection and they informed me that...
  4. Anything Auto
    I've run across a number of articles about the new 15% Ethanol blended fuel. The EPA says it's OK to put in passenger cars from 2001 and newer. The auto makers (basically all of them) are saying this will damage the car and void the warranty. The auto makers are saying flex-fuel vehicles and...
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    So I have just de-sludged my motor, replaced the turbo and did a timing belt change and all associated bits. Now I want to run oil through the motor, not drive just get motor up to temp., and then change the oil right away. I am thinking this might be a good "rinse" of the engine before I...
  6. B5 Garage
    Hello I need to get to the to the blend door level on my manual control a/c unit. Now that its cold out had low to no heat to defrost the car yesterday. As I drove the car for and hour I could feel good hot heat but seemed to be blocked from coming in full blast in any confutation of the...
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    So after buying a brand new cone filter, I've almost got my long term trims dialed in with this GT28 program. Both were within 1-2% +/- However, yesterday the trims went back to -5% and as low as -7%. The only difference that I can think of is that maybe filling up with normal old 91 octane did...
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    I just remembered this. Monday of this week near the Riverside University Research part off Iowa and Columbia at almost 5PM. You were leaving the area and I was headed in.
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    I post this question after reading about our transmissions for the past few days, finding many posts here on how the transmission acts with Full Syn vs OEM Blend Syn. Other forums like BMW and Audi also seem to have the same reactions...and the findings are the same as us:thumbup: What do...
  10. Classified Archive
    I would like to purchase a new or used hatch blend for a b5.5 wagon.
  11. Classified Archive
    I'm looking to buy a hatch blend for a B5.5 wagon. Let me know if you have one new or used.
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    I was told that it was a good idea to put in synthetic blend before going to full synthetic oil by a friend of mine who has a passat. Righ now I'm using regular oil for my V6 but I am due for an oil change so I decided to go synthetic because everyone else I talked to said its a good idea and...
  13. B5 Garage
    I have a Passat from '99 and I was wondering in what way it would affect the engine if I use oil blend in stead of full synthetic oil which I have been using till date. I know that the full synthetic oil is much better but I had to use a different oil this time. What should I do? Thanks, Abhishek
  14. Classified Archive
    Trades welcome, I need 225 45 17 tires, n75j valve, 1.8T A4 quattro stuff exhaust blend $80 shipped (primer, 2x base coat [second coat is thick], 3x clear coat). Has some blemishes on the lower, unvisible side when installed. steering wheel/air bag sold
  15. Classified Archive
    FS p&p rear sway bar, exhaust blend, 3 spoke steering wheel/airbag, supersprint mid p&p rear sway bar sold exhaust blend (clear coat is still wet in this pic, will get updated pic soon) $100 shipped 3 spoke steering wheel/airbag pending sale supersprint middle muffler/resonator under auction
  16. Classified Archive
    Asking $120 shipped. never installed. needs to be prep. sanded and painted. it comes with the adhesive included in the package. Pictures upon request. PM me for more details and questions.
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    Asking $135 shipped. BUY IT>>>I NEED BOOZE MONEY
  18. B5 Garage
    I recently bought a hatch blend peice for my 2004 wagon. I am having trouble finding a shop to install and paint this part. I did find a shop to paint it, but not install. Can someone give me an idea of what I should use to secure this part to the car? It did not come with any glue or...
  19. Classified Archive
    i might be selling this: Will need sanding. thinking $160 shipped.
  20. Classified Archive
    Brand new Zender exhaust blend. Paid $79 will sell for $50 shipped. PIC: Used OEM B5.5 chrome exhaust tips $50 shipped PIC: Example installed...