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  1. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Greetings fellow Passat owners! I'm sorry if this thread is covered before, but I have not found any while searching. So I'm new to this forum after buying myself a 09 B6 with the Blaupunkt 3C8 035 195 A head unit. I've been searching alot, but not found the answers I'd like. This unit has...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    I have a '16 R-Line, and I'm thinking of ditching the stock radio for the Philadelphia 845 HU. Has anyone installed this? I know that part is easy, as it is custom built for the Passats/Jettas, etc, and matches the original HU. However, I'm more curious about how it interfaces w/ the cars built...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Crutchfield has a good deal on the Blaupunkt New Jersey right now ($149), so I was thinking up replacing the stock double din monsoon system in my 2003 Passat 1.8T Variant before an upcoming road trip. I was not going to do anything with speakers/amp, only replacing the head unit. I've read...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    Blaupunkt - werke gmbh code need ! Help ! Hi. First of all sorry for my language , I am form Latvia so English is not my strong side :hmmm: Need your help. Just bought a Blaupunkt - WERKE GMBH and it is on Safe Mode and required a code , but i don't know a code ... Only thing that i know is...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    Are these too new to be had in the U.S. market? They look like they would be great replacement for B5.5 Double DIN, very OE look.
  6. Mobile Electronics
    I just installed a Blaupunkt MP54(plug and play) into my B5 wagon and it has the connection in the back(small blue connector) for the cd changer but it wont read my stock cd changer, anyone else ever have this problem?
  7. Mobile Electronics
    Ughhh, If it aint one thing its another......I ended receiving my mp57.....first let me start by saying it was on ebay, I missed the end of the auction, so I emailed the guy with a lowball offer and he excepted....So we proceeded outside of ebay...... Got the deck quick but it didnt work right...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    Hello guys, I had a question hopefully someone can help me out......I just purchased a Blaupunkt hamburg MP57 .......(It has every function that I need especially built in Bluetooth)..... I was reading some of the reviews, and it seems some people said there cars harness plugged right into the...
  9. Mobile Electronics
    Hi, does anyone have problems with blaupunkt casablanca mp65? My problem is that the unit doesn’t read USB every time and it’s doing my headache :banghead:. Every time I had to plug and unplug it few times till the unit see it..??:(:( Thanks
  10. Mobile Electronics
    Just wanted to see if any of you guys are using or have used the blaupunkt hamburg MP57 head unit??? It seems to offer all the features Id like. Thanks for any input:thumbup:
  11. Mobile Electronics
    I'm trying to troubleshoot my New Orleans and cd changer, I get a No CDC message, though my cd changer is getting power and can eject the cd holder in the rear. I also purchased a thumber interface and that doesnt seem to work either. Does anyone in th NoVa/Dc area have a head unit and some...
  12. Mobile Electronics
    I am looking for a new front unit for my passat B5 (2000). Have anyone installed a Blaupunkt Hamburg MP57 in Passat B5? Any comments would help on my selection. Thank you.
  13. Mobile Electronics
    Just installed Blaupunkt Nashville DAB35 replacing the original Gamma HU in my 02 V6TDI. If I simply plug in the same connectors into the Nashville all is ok. However, I'd like to re-gain the use of the steering wheel controls, phone via the stereo etc. so I bought (at great expense) the...
  14. Mobile Electronics
    My Blaupunk Honolulu (cheaper Blau model) is acting weird. With the last couple of years I've noticed the speakers in the rear cutting out. Today 5've noticed there's no sound at all coming from the rear speakers. I took the HU out to jiggle the wires and noticed the block of plastic where...
  15. Mobile Electronics
    I installed a Blaupunkt cd player in a 2000 Passat for a friend. All of the factory plugs fit into the back of this deck which made my life much easier. The only two problems are: 1. After turning the car on/off the clock resets and you have to turn the HU back on. I know the solution for...
1-15 of 101 Results