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  1. button blanks around gear shifter??

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    so, i've been looking around now for a couple days. was there EVER any switches or buttons for the shifter center base on the NMS (usa) b7 passats? even the etka online parts references point that there are only blanks, not ever buttons. can anyone confirm this? did vw think about future use...
  2. FS: Stock B6 Fog inserts - blanks 2006 Passat

    Parts For Sale
    $20 plus shipping.
  3. FS - Switchblade fobs, key ends, uncut key blanks etc

    Parts For Sale
    I found this box of keys I had when cleaning. I'm keeping 2 or 3 for myself and want to get rid of the rest. Most are used, a couple new ones in there. Gonna sell them all relatively cheap if you guys are interested at all. The fob with the oval buttons (2 pictured top left) cost significantly...
  4. Fog light grille inserts 2006 B6 - BLANKs

    Parts For Sale
    I'm selling my blank inserts for a 2006 B6. I installed fogs and have the old inserts with NO holes for fogs. $20 shipped.
  5. Passat B5 Dash Switches & Blanks

    Classified Archive
    I have 3 switches for sale, ESP, ASR & Defrost and 4 Blank Plugs, 3 straight and 1 lower left. $20 + $5 shipping to USA for everything. Paypal is okay. e-mail me at; [email protected] Thanks!
  6. FS: 3 USED OEM Hella FOBs w/uncut key blanks for CHEEEEEAP

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  7. FS: NEW, uncut switchblade blanks for B5 & B5.5 FOBs

    Classified Archive
    These aftermarket switchblade blanks ("HAA" profile) are also for Jettas, GTIs, and Audi FOBs for 1997 - 2006. I don't think these work at all for the newer FOBs that plug into the dashboard. You can see the blanks installed on used FOBs I am selling at...
  8. where to get key blanks?

    B5 Garage
    Does anyone know of a good source for oem HAA key blanks w/ the immobilizer chip? I need a couple spare keys for my '02 and don't really feel like forkin over $60 per key blank on top of the $50 programming fee.
  9. FS: Two Switchblade Key Blanks

    Classified Archive
    FS: Two Switchblade Key Blanks - SOLD I have two uncut key blanks for a switchblade remote. I purchased them three years ago on this forum from NH VW Junky. I never used them and they just sat in my office. Now that I no longer have my Passat they are no use for me. I'm asking $25 for both...
  10. WTS dash switches: ASR, hazard, rear defrost, 4 blanks

    Classified Archive
    One stand bottom right slot blank. The other one goes in the middle left (they might go with the Skoda vents, not sure) $16 shipped for the asr, hazard, or defrost. $9 shipped for each blank. If you want to pay with paypal, you need to cover the fees. Also, feel free to make offers.
  11. Console Blanks...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Where do I get? I need to pull the disconected Seat Heater switches out and I want to replace with blanks. The switches probably work if anyone wants to trade. I had leather put in and they threw out the original seat coils. They installed aftermarket coils and aftermarket switches so now...
  12. FS: B5.5 keyless entry units/FOBs for sale with key blanks

    Classified Archive
    I know I don't have 50 posts so far but hopefully I will be allowed to keep this post up in the classifieds. I have FOBs for sale, all in working condition (the red light goes off when pressing any of the three main buttons - unlock, lock, unlock trunk). These would be ideal for those...
  13. FS : Door Lock Blanks

    Classified Archive
    These were my next mod on the wagon: to blank out the door locks. Security reasons and vehicular appeal points are accomplished with these. You will also need the door lock covers easily ordered from your dealer or the highly recommended Richie @ AutoBarn. Mine are still stuck with that...
  14. Hope their hunting with blanks

    The Black Hole
    Texas law makers trying to pass legalized hunting for the blind Ig your blind do you know if you miss. Last week it was money, this week its hunting, whats next.
  15. FS: Two Key Fob Transmitters w/ new uncut key blanks

    Classified Archive
    -SOLD- FS: Two Key Fob Transmitters w/ new uncut key blanks SOLD Up for sale are two used key fob / transmitters with only very light wear. Check your part numbers to ensure compatibility -- I bought the wrong ones, which is why these are up for grabs. Both are tested working and the part...
  16. Where to buy Single DIN blanks?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey all. I'm finishing up on my custom audio/gauge installation but at the last minute, I've had a change of mind (isn't that typical). Anyways, I've decided to go a custom route and make a combination boost gauge pod and iPod holder. To do this, I need a piece of black plastic in Single DIN...
  17. Switchblade key blanks for 7 bux.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just thought I'd share this piece of info. I don't know if this has been posted b4, but I just bought a key black here for 7 bux plus 4 bux to ship. Seems real cheap compared to everything else I can find.
  18. How to remove Dash Switch blanks (buttons)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was planning on adding a few Toggle Switches to the blank switch buttons on the dash. Is it easy to remove just the blanks by themselves? How would it be done without breaking anything? Also, does anyone have the part numbers for the dash switch blanks that I highlighted in the pic? Thanks...
  19. FS - Switchblade Key Blanks - Uncut

    Classified Archive
    I HAVE THEM ON HAND AND CAN SHIP ASAP. $20 Shipped. ----------------------- If you need to refit an existing switchblade remote or one like off of EBAY - this is the blank you need to make it work with your car. This is just the key part - does not include transmitter for alarm and its $20...
  20. fs...SWITCHBLADE KEY BLANKS UNCUT update..update

    Classified Archive
    does anyone need any uncut switchblade key blanks? just key not remote i may be able to get some anyone interested just pm me let me know and be sure to mention if you are already buying keys