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  1. McSame blames Dems for bail out failure...

    The Black Hole
    OOOPS, MODS PLEASE EDIT TOPIC (REPS > DEMOCRATS) My mistake "Among Democrats, 140 voted yes and 95 no...
  2. China blames rich nations for climate change

    The Black Hole
    I have to agree with Yu.
  3. Canada blames U.S. for gun violence

    The Black Hole
    Canada blames U.S. for gun violence
  4. Wife gets car sick at night - blames the headlights...

    Anything Auto
    My wife has always had issues with getting carsick. She can't ride in the back side of anyone's car without get nauseous. Last night we were getting home later than usual and in my B5.5 wagon, versus her '97 Accord. She said that she thought the headlights were making her carsick. She...
  5. Bush Blames Poorly Made Shirt for Bulge (!!!)

    The Black Hole
    Wiregate lives on! I can't believe ol' Shrubbie blamed a poorly tailored shirt for that bulge on his back? I have no idea what is was, but a "poorly tailored shirt?!" -- Not. 6 days til the election -- keep it up Mr. President! :wink: