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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hello all, For sale is a set of FWD Bilstein Sport shocks for the B5/B5.5 platform. Price is $135 shipped. In good condition, no leaks, worked well when installed on the car. These have roughly 30-40K miles on them. I sold the car and no longer have a use for these. Please contact me here or...
  2. Parts For Sale
  3. Parts For Sale
    Feeler Price: $550 OBO (shipping not included) - also includes: all corners cut to size bump stops, dust covers, and the front components will come as an assembly (spring/shock/mounting plate/strut mount and bearing) -- does not include: rear shock mounts Will fit any B5/B5.5. In great...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Up for sale are my Bilstein PSS9's I installed these in late summer 2015 into my '04 GLX V6 5sp FWD. In October 2015 I took a road trip from Milwaukee, WI to Miami, FL and over to Houston, TX (where I met with PZ) and then back to Milwaukee, WI. The car was driven maybe 6 more times around my...
  5. Parts For Sale
    In the very near future I will be removing my Bilstein PSS9 coil-overs from my '04 GLX. The '04 GLX will be going up for sale soon along with the PSS9's. Seeing as the PSS9's won't work on my W8 they are of no use to me anymore. The W8 has different spring rates in the front and the rear end is...
  6. Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    I dropped my car when i got it and I'm getting a little tired of my ride quality, on top of the fact that its necessary to change them to struts made for a dropped car. Bilstein Sport Shocks - Best Price on Bilstein B8 Sport Shock Absorbers & Struts anyone running those? Are they a huge difference?
  7. B5 Garage
    going to replace both rear shocks as one is leaking. they have 85K miles on them. will return to Bilstein to warranty after removed. in the meantime want to know what else I should replace while in there. rear shock mounts and dust boots are original so I will get new ones since car has 125K...
  8. WTB/WTT Section
    In my quest to return my FWD 99 Passat 2.8 into something more of a DD, I want to remove the Koni sport springs and Bilstein HD shocks from my car. The Koni springs have roughly 100K miles on them - but they are springs, so wear and tear isn't much of a concern. The Bilstein HDs have...
  9. Parts For Sale
    Installed in March 2012, daily driven for 18 months, more or less mothballed since August 2013 (when I got my S4.) Less than 15K total miles on setup. FWIW, all proceeds from this sale will be applied to getting a set of PSS9s for the Cabriolet. They are that good and highly addictive. Will...
  10. Parts For Sale
  11. Parts For Sale
    By the time I figured out that I had received the wrong shocks I had waited too long to return them. I'm offering the pair for $219 shipped if anyone's interested. That's about $50 cheaper than anyone else I see on ebay because I just want them out of my way. Hopefully they'll go soon. Here's...
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Car is an '05 Passat TDI GLS Wagon. I'm running 215/55-16 Conti ExtremeContact DWS on 16 x 7 1/2 ET37 BBS VZ027 Wheels. Yes, I did a search first and I have corresponded off list with one of TDI Club's highly trusted gurus and a well regarded vendor. I'm going to be doing the complete control...
  13. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Im looking to revamp my suspension in my 99 1.8. Need advisr on if u should replace the CA`s or if it will benefit just as much with new HD Bushings. Also im buying shocks, prob Bilstein Heavy Dutys. However im not planning on buying sprungs for another couple months atleast. Is this an issue...
  14. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    There's a set of nearly mint condition Bilstein PSS-9 coil overs for sale near me that I could get for a steal, they only have about 2k miles on them. I was wondering if anyone had tried them and what results they might had with them? Thank ya PW! :wrench:
  15. Parts For Sale
    Bilstein B6 HD Shocks for B5.5 Wagon SOLD 2 front shocks, 2 rear shocks for a Wagon. FWD. Ordered these this week, then decided I wanted Touring Class instead. These are unopened, still in the shipping box. Bought these with my Delta American Express card. If I return them to the store, I...
  16. Parts For Sale
    selling my suspension setup going back to stock. h&rs less than 2 monthes old. bilsteins have around 5k on them. looking for 350 plus shipping. still in the car so i will take them when sold. or if i get the replacements soon
  17. Parts For Sale
    Volkswagen Passat / Audi A4 & A6 FRONT SHOCKS (2 ea) $150 shipped! Two (one pair) new-in-box front shocks. The car got totaled before I even opened the boxes. :banghead: Bilstein #F4-PNE-3116-BG Bilstein, Innovation and High Quality Since 1873 "Bilstein B4 Touring Class gas pressure...
  18. Vehicles For Sale
    check out my ad here: 2002 Passat - 1 owner car Thanks for looking. Jim
  19. B5 Garage
    Vogtland Sport or H&R Sport W/ Bilstein Sports 6512, 6542 - Early perch fit on 6512? I have searched for days and have found lots of information that seems most is from 2004-2008. So I am asking for more specific and up to date experiences and knowledge! Thanks. I have an 11/99 2000 model...
1-20 of 329 Results