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  1. Recovering sport bike rider can only pilot cars now!

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2015 Passat Limited Edition 1.8T and will be looking to improve handling and suspension compliance. A few extra ponies under the hood won’t hurt. As I can no longer ride my gentleman’s express (2000 Honda VFR800 Interceptor) due to permanent nerve damage in my arm/shoulder, I’m turning...
  2. OEM VW Roof rack with 2 bike mounts - $125

    Parts For Sale
    Lowering price $75 gets you this rack and 2 bike attachments! VW OEM racks with two bike attachments for 2001-2005 VW Passat. Rack VW part #3B0 071 126 A. Bike attachment is VW part #7M0 071 128B. Bike rack is fork mounted...
  3. New to Forum after absence - question about bike rack on 2008 Passat

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    Hello, Been a while since I've been here. Posting this here as required, but it may actually belong elsewhere. I've got a 2008 Passat that I'm looking to install a hitch and bike rack on. I've looked at bike racks that mount on trunk lids, but really don't like them. So, I'm thinking of...
  4. Factory B5.5 Crossbars and Bike Rack

    Parts For Sale
    I have a factory set of B5.5 crossbars with matching lock cores and keys. All parts are in good functional shape. I'm in the Marietta, Ga. area. Asking $75 OBO. I'll get some pics up soon, but I just wanted to throw this out there to see if there's any interest. Here's a pic of it on the...
  5. WTB: Thule or other bike mounts for roof rack.

    WTB/WTT Section
    Looking for bike carriers that would fit OEM roof bars for B5.5 sedan
  6. VW Passat Wagon hitch bike carrier question

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, everybody! I have a 2008 VW Passat Wagon (I was told it's pretty similar to 2007 model). I am considering installing a 1.25" hitch and buying a rear bike carrier that is then installed on the hitch. However, I need to carry 4 bikes. The 1.25" hitch for this car is Class-I rated. The bike...
  7. FS: VW Trek bike attachments

    Parts For Sale
    I have 2 of the VW Trek bike attachments for an OEM rack. Both with working locks and keys. Prefer local meet up in Nashville area. Asking price is $150 Thanks!
  8. Shelby Car & Bike Combo

    Anything Auto
    I saw this pair parked outside Gold Coast Bentley the other day. I didn't ask how much because if you have to ask... well, you know the rest. I was snapping pictures and they fired up the car. The sound was amazing. I fumbled around switching over to video mode so I could capture the sound and...
  9. FS: Votex roof rack and 2 bike trays

    Parts For Sale
    Votex roof bars with keys and allen torque wrench 2 Trek bike trays with keys $225 + shipping or $200 picked up in Nashville
  10. Car and Bike show for Sandy Hook CT.

    Events & Gatherings
    I'm just spreading the word. Updated info can be found here Sandy Hook Benefit Car And Bike Show | Facebook I plan on going if I don't have work.
  11. FS: B5 OEM Roof Rack + Two Bike Attachments, Pick Up Only Queens, NY.

    Parts For Sale
    Just got a jeep wrangler as a summer project, no need for the bike rack any more. I took off the key cover things a while back because I thought they were annoying (I always took the rack off when not in use) and never found them after I bought a new place, I remember reading somewhere that...
  12. WTB roof racks for 2002 b5.5 sedan

    WTB/WTT Section
    i would really like to buy some roof racks possibly with mountain bike holder for under 150$ thanks.
  13. :: ECS Tuning :: RockyMounts Bike Racks - Back In Stock !!!

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    Click HERE to order or for more information. RockyMounts Bike Racks - Made of solid aluminum with tubular wheel tray, these sturdy bike carriers fit all OEM base bars, and come in nine colors: Black, Silver, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, and Orange. If you plan to hit the trails...
  14. FS: OEM Barracuda Bike Attachment....PA

    Parts For Sale
    I have barracuda bike attachment for sale. It has had very little use but it does need a new key due to it getting misplaced. It is located in PA and I am looking for $100 obo picked up. My brother had it for his GTI but doesn't plan on using it now that he went BT. DSC_1075 by VrDubssat, on...
  15. Barracude Bike Rack for OEM Votex Bars

    Parts For Sale
    Hello, I have two OEM Barracuda Racks for sale. Price: 115$ shipped EACH :wrench:
  16. How to install bike rack?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Guys it's prolly been covered before. How to install a bike rack on my 1.8T? I bought the one below:
  17. FS: B5.5 Roof Rack w/ RockyMounts Bike Rack - $150 obo shipped

    Parts For Sale
    FS: B5.5 Roof Rack w/ RockyMounts Bike Rack - $125 obo shipped Excellent condition roof rack for B5.5 with 2 Euro trays from RockyMounts. Locks included for both rack and bike trays. Sold car so don't need anymore. $150 shipped in CONUS only or make me an offer.
  18. b5.5 Barracuda Bike Racks

    Parts For Sale
    I am selling 2 Barracuda Bike Racks for the B5.5 OEM rack system. They come with 2 Keys per rack and are full functional. I am selling them for 120$ per rack OBO SHIPPED. Note: these systems sell for 180$ on Ebay shipped and sell upwards of 200$ at the local stores. Faster responses: mosgrove...
  19. WTB feeler - anyone at snorkfest have a roof rack with bike attachments?

    WTB/WTT Section
    Thinking I might need a roof rack to attach to my B6 waggie roof rails. So anyone coming to SF have a set of bars that can attach to the rails? Preferably with bike attachments but not necessessary. Let me know what you got here or via PM. thanks