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  1. B5 Garage
    Hi, just had ko4-015 turbo, tubular manny, decay. Front mount intercooler and want a remap, what sort of gains should I be getting? Also is it worth getting the audi tt injectors with uprated fuel pump?... Thanks.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi, could anyone advise best way to replace serpentine belt on the above. thanks, jim
  3. New Member Introductions
    i have a oil leak on a passat i have and i cant seem to find the souce of the leak any one help :wrench:
  4. New Member Introductions
    I have had this problem whereby the boot lid won't stay shut, seemed to be particularly the case during cold weather. I fixed the problem for free so thought I would post in case it helps anyone else. The boot lid catch or lock is motorised to open and spring return to prime for locking. The...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys. I am hoping that someone could help with some electrical problems that I am facing with the car. It is a uk car to avoid the confusion of passenger's or driver's side..Anyway, the passenger's window only work from the passenger's side switch, central lock including remote locking...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi Newbie here just bought 2007 140 bhp passast and wandering if its worth chipping it to 170 bhp
  7. Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    renting a passat estate on a long term deal, but its a bit slow. tells me its a 2.0TDi, but how can i tell what BHP version it is? Will the VIN tell me somehow?
  8. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hello im new here. Im buying a 07 passat with the 170 hp diesel engine are they good or do they give trouble. I have the 1.9 with 105 bhp at the moment Thanks
  9. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Is 250 at the wheel BHP possible with a KO3? If so, what would I need? I know KO4 is the usual way, but it all adds up to a lot of dollars!
  10. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm planning to modify my Passat 3BG (2005-model) with a Audi S4-upgrade turbo (K03) (and intercooler, pipes and all). But a friend of mine says that a S4 upgrade turbo can't manage this, and that I need a K04-015, Upgrade-Turbo. Is that true?
  11. Anything Auto
    Here's my new 233 MPH Whip:whistle: OK, I lied, it belongs to some European dude not me, but I wish it was mine.
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Can anyone tell me what the estimated cost would be and what I would need to make 350-400bhp out of my 1999 1.8l turbo? Has this been done or is it not realistic? I know PsoughtAftr made 380ish. What parts would I need in order to make this kind of horsepower? Is this a $$$$$$ thing to try to do...
  13. Europe
    Hello I just have bought PASSAT S TDI 1.9 100 BHP 2003y, last week. I thought that diesel consumption should be about 50 MPG but my on board-computer shows: - less or up to 20 MPG just after start, - 25-35 MPG during normal drive in town. - I think once i have even seen 40MPG, I haven’t tested...
  14. B5 Garage
    this may be posted elswhere-sorry,my clutch action is very heavy,a friend thinks it just needs the clutch fluid changing.the car has 98000 miles on the clock.there is no clutch slip at all.i work at a honda dealer ond when i get back in my car at the end of the day i think it takes some getting...
  15. Europe
    Quick question: at the start of the B5.5 (ie early 2001), did they offer the saloon with the 115 bhpp diesel engine previously in the B5? I understood that all B5.5s had either the 100 or the 130 PS engine, with - on the early models - the red DI indicating the higher output. Am I wrong? Car...
  16. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This company claim that they can chip 1.8T Passat to 325 BHP/410 NM. Is that really possible???
  17. Europe
    Hi guys, I've just recently bought a 1.9Tdi Sport 110bhp Silver, 2000 V reg, and am over the moon with it. Managing to get 50mpg+, and am very happy :D with the drive, trim level etc. It's got the standard kit...but would like to get it modded, but my imagination is limited to only getting...
  18. Anything Auto
    All I can say is WOW!! 8) It was owned by a friend of my co-worker, so I was allowed to take her for a spin. And spin I did. Doughnuts are fun. Anyways, that thing is wayyyyy too fast. If I drove that every day I'd either be dead or in jail. Sorry, I had to share! :lol:
1-18 of 18 Results