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  1. Another beautiful Audi commercial...

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  2. Spotted this beautiful machine!

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I don't know who's it is but it looks amazing! Full Hi-Def kit! I was having some maintenance done in Bensenville, IL at a local VW dealer and I spotted this B6 hanging out in the parking lot and of course I had to take a picture of it haha! :)
  3. Beautiful beginning!

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    Looky what arrived today for install :wrench:. Mmmmmm....that looks purty....mmmmmmmm. wonder what's next? Stay tuned :)
  4. Please Take A Look At These Beautiful Works Of Art

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  5. Thought I'd Share This Beautiful Automobile Volvo Heico

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    I saw this on the newsstand in JFK Airport in New York. This car is completely sexy. WTF!! I hope no one has beat me to this. here is a link with more pics
  6. Another beautiful Audi commercial

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    I love how Audi appeals to the artistic beings who are free spirited. BMW is great in their ads but they appeal to only a range of people (SHOCKED that I'm sayin' this) Here you go folks.
  7. My New and VERY Beautiful Look!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    so, yea.... long story short, i had a minor fender bender a couple weeks ago, which knocked off my bumper cover, and well... costed me the equivalent of my first born, as the expression goes. anywho, this is what i started with. beautiful shot, eh? and, due to an illegal mexican behind the...
  8. Zymol Wax and a beautiful car, sorry 56k :(

    The Showroom
    Its not the easiest wax to deal with nor is it the cheapest, but it is beautiful... I took these with my w810i cell phone :D not good, but not bad either:
  9. FS: 01 Wagon 1.8T **timing belt failed** beautiful car

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    Needs new head & pistons due to timing belt failure or replacement engine, head may be salvagable with new valves only, turbo & intake/exhaust manifolds still good, 114,000 miles, auto w/tiptronic, recent 02 & temp sensors, new battery, tires are 65%, brakes 70%, cold a/c, beautiful car, never...
  10. Beautiful R32, wrecked... (56k stay away)

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    A guy in my local VW club wrecked his beautiful, turbocharged R32 this weekend. Pictures: What it used to look like:
  11. Beautiful day outside...

    The Showroom
    Thought i would take some pics of my B5 since its so nice out:cool: Just got her washed too!!! Also the car is mine now so let the modding begin!!!:P
  12. Most Beautiful BMWs in the World

    Anything Auto Sorry if this is a repost.
  13. Most Beautiful M3 I've ever seen

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  14. Beautiful b5 tail lights for sale on escam ebay

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    read below before you even think of bidding on these! just watchin out for my fellow b5ers man i love the look of these tails! but i cant get them watch out for this guy! by the way look at his...
  15. Beautiful day + Boredom

    The Showroom
    = PICTURES!! Jason (SMOKEATER) And myself took some pictures at his fire station today when i came by for a visit. More to come later. Cam
  16. My Beautiful B5 is Defaced...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Im so FKING pissed off today. As Im walking out of class today, ome asshole stole (YES stole) my german liscense plate off of my car. And to top it all off, my car was also keyed on both the driver side door and rear door :mad:. It must have happened during my classes because Im usually one of...
  17. Cheap beautiful looking MODS

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just bought my second passat . Its a 2001 Blue 1.8T , and my dad is going to take the old 1999 Silver one for him . but being a full time student I dont really have that much cash to spend on the car right now ... I was thinking if you guys have any ideas on cheap mods that would make the...
  18. Beautiful!

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    It works now. Thanks Thanasi!
  19. Beautiful Sight This Morning...

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    Here's one for the "useless post but had to anyway" -- saw these two on my way to work this morning: B6 S4 and a W8. :)