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  1. Happy B'day

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    One of our infamous members has his b'day today. Newman's Own:thumbup::thumbup: Hope your day goes well buddy, have fun on your special day.
  2. Google wishes Jules Verne Happy B-day

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    likely only for today, 8 Feb - go to, and use the joystick to manuever the Nautilus!
  3. Happy B'day Passatworld!!!

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    Happy B'day PW Congrats to all members and a big Thank you to Admin/Mods :thumbup:
  4. shes getting ready to celebrate her 100k Bday!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well my h*e of a girlfriend is getting ready to hit 100K. Ive completed most of preventitive maintence since I picked the car up. My question is there anythings youd recommend. I think I have slightly lower oil pressure not 100% on this one though, I havent cleaned the pan or pump. I have engine...
  5. Happy 12th B-day @ 170K miles!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I happened to notice when to odo hit 170K, so I thought I'd take a pic. The manufacture date is a little hard to read but if you look you'll see the 5/98 on there. Holding up pretty well for it's age and mileage. I'm planning on putting on another 170K. :)
  6. R36Dreams has a B-Day today

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    Holy shit you are almost there :P:lol: Have a Happy Birthday James
  7. Happy B-day

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    To Mike Van Gelder and all the variations of his name you can finally drink legally and stay at dave and busters after 11 :lol: :thumbup::rockband::rockon::pinkelephant:
  8. Happy B-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Happy B-day to my Best buddy! Christian P :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
  9. Gear heads...look what I got for my b-day

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    For my '89 CR250R (sorry for the crappy pic / camera phone):
  10. 10th B-Day present for my B5

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My beautiful B5 turned 10 years old this month. I'll post up a pic when (if) it stops raining. It's still a great looking car,and a real pleasure to drive. Everything still works too, for the most part. I HAVE gone through a few hundred control arms, or so it seems. But otherwise, it still...
  11. Got Detailing for Mom's B-day

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    My Mom has a Ford Escape. I think it's 2002/3. She does a lot of driving being a Realtor. She doesn't proactively clean her car the way it should be done, and I am not available to do it for her like when I lived at home. Her car is due for a good cleaning, so I thought it would be a good gift...
  12. Pix From The Gods On My B-day!

    The Showroom
  13. HAPPY BDAY *qualitysound* PAUL:.

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    well i know your bday is tomorrow.... big wheel whore..... have a great birthday!..get you some 19's again... i can only aspire to having 50% the post count you have.:D enjoy your day!
  14. Wish me a Happy B-day dammit!!!

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    I can be demanding like that now because I'm officially an old fart. Today is my 30th birthday.
  15. I want to rent a convertible for my fiance's B-Day. Any suggestions?

    Anything Auto
    Hey guys/gals, My fiance LOVES convertibles, but doesn't have one, and obviously neither do I. Her B-Day is on 8/28 and since I don't want to go BUY a convertible, I think it might be fun to rent one for a whole day or two. My questions are: 1. What is the fanciest convertible available for...
  16. Got a Dell 9300 for my B-Day

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    My Boyfriend ordered me my very own Laptop for my B-Day :bowdown: It's a Dell Inspiron 9300. I wasn't expecting this. I never had my own laptop. I always got hand me downs. This was a nice surprise :D Anyone have this laptop? I had been looking to buy myself either a Toshiba or HP laptop...
  17. happy b-day to THE GREEK

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    just what the title said.:beer:
  18. Any suggestions on what to get my wife for her b-day?

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    It's coming up on Sunday, so obviously I need to find something quick. I was initially thinking of changing cell carriers and getting her a smartphone or Blackberry, but I'm undecided on which carrier to go with. Then I thought maybe some bling, as I know women are all about the bling. For...
  19. My wifes 30th B-Day today

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    My wifes 30th B-Day today and shes not happy . :( So can evrybody say Happy B-Day ? :thumbup:
  20. Guys I need help, wife's b-day is tomorrow

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    And I have not gotten anything for her. I need some ideas. Help!!!!