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  1. Recall Battle

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi all, does anyone where I might find a link to the source that alerted everyone of the 2008 recall for the heat shield and fuel line/fuel ventilator valve? I am currently battling with VW on this issue as they say my heat shield was repaired but they aren't obligated to do the fuel line work...
  2. Battle with bolt ended with victory

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I had one wheel lock bolt head damaged that I couldn't remove it by wheel lock key, finally I removed it by drilling it and than using screw extractor drill bit So anyone who has such problem it can be solved by drilling multiple times.
  3. Battle Wagon Build Thread

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Long time VW enthusiast. Last couple VW's MkV MkVI Time for something a little more off the beaten path: 2007 3.6 4motion Day 1: I'm going to use this thread to document the changes I make as I go
  4. Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

    Anything Auto
    very cool!:driving:
  5. Battle with oil seep finally taken care of...

    B5 Garage
    I have finally found the cause of my oil seep originating at the oil filter assy. The engine had the dreaded "oil sludge" issue when I purchased it a few weeks ago, low oil pressure and tons of noise from the top of the engine. I dropped the pan and cleaned the pan and pick up. The engine runs...
  6. Battle Passat Matte Green/Black Finish

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The paint on my 01.5' GLX is on the way out. I'd like to know as much about this finish as possible. At school in Fort Myers Florida, I saw a Corrado with matte olive green finish with matte black roof from the pillars up. It was well done and looked great. If anyone has pictures or any further...
  7. Are we in a lose lose battle with pollution???

    The Black Hole
    I was watching a show few weeks back about pollution/global warming. They were saying that if we cut down on pollution around the world it will have a TRAGIC effect on temperature, worst then NOT cutting it at all. Pollution we produce actually protects us from the sun, so when it's gone or...
  8. Gunsmen vs Phalanx on defense - and a 23 round battle...

    So I just finished opening a new farm but paid a heavy price.... He had PX and GM (among others) on defense. Both were fully upgraded, and in a level 20 town behind a level 20 wall (200% defense). What was so interesting about it was that his PX had a defense score of 273 and stamina of 14...
  9. Yes, another dumb battle question!

    Sorry guys, I am starting to get a little more active in my attacks and I have a question. There is an inactive that has mucho of what I need. He has a pretty good military and I know what I need to take him. Here is my question. It would take almost everything from my colony to beat him...
  10. Battle help

    Troops in Castle Garden Unit Quantity Swordsman...
  11. how did this go past one round of battle

    Im on the top, hes got 40% wall, I figured this to be done ASAP.....:crazy: Slinger 100 Swordsman 10 Phalanx 30 Cook 1 Doctor 1 Archer 10 -------------------------------------------- defender Slinger 10 Swordsman 14 Phalanx 10
  12. active gearing up for battle - permission to crush them

    so i've been pillaging this active off and on for the last month, well i went back today and i lost the pillage went to the report and find hes gearing up. So should i back off gear up and wait if he is coming after me or should i just go in and take out the troops. oh who the hell am i kiding i...
  13. Need some battle advice..

    Guys, took on a big one :( He is inactive but has lots of stores :) I blockaded the port and took on his fleet.. Won that one. but seem to be loosing against his land forces.. His wall is only 1% I'm guessing these phalanx are the problem.. What do I need to win? Just overwhelm his forces...
  14. How to know the outcome of every battle!!

    Ikariam It uses the same logic as the in-game engine so the results should be accurate assuming you have the bulk of the details. It will tell you troop losses round by round. I just found this and haven't had the chance to use it yet but :bowdown:!!
  15. Battle Plan

    Ok. I'm trying to take down an inactive player. I lost to him with a simple army on purpose to feel him out. My spy was caught and worthless. Offensive Power: 413 Defensive Power: 421 Stamina: 588 Town Wall: 2% He has 60 slingers. Slingers have a 7/7 O/D rating (offense/defense) So you can...
  16. somepix of Battle of The Imports Epping NH (sry 56K)

    Anything Auto
    So my cousin Salina the one in pink, asked me to go to battle of the imports, it is different from HIN and all that stuff because its' outdoor. You guys probably have heard of it and may have entered a few of the contests. She got to model on the cars alongside some of the big name models who...
  17. Battle of the waggons Passat v's Golf

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I am looking at changing my car in September. My first choice is a Tornado red Passat estate (wagon). My recent trip to the dealers, however, educated me about the Golf Estate. I think the Golf looks cool and the rear end makes up for the design faults of the Passat rear (barn door). Stick on a...
  18. The man vs window battle...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The battle with the drivers side window continues. I have checked the CCM. Its clean, dry and sparkly inside. The joints in the wires have been remade and are good and I appear to have power to the window switch/motor. My problem is that when I push the switch to lower the window I first get a...
  19. 17 or 18... pics needed for battle of inches!

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    i cant still cant decide between 17 and 18. i will spend around 1g on everything and need something sporty but that will last. pics needed! by the way.... rims for silver b5 passat. south carolina weather. never snow.
  20. In the battle between a garage door and my bumper, the results were predicatable.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    :banghead: What a great way to introduce myself. My garage door closed on my front bumper cover. The car was parked such that the door was still able to close, but one of the garage door struts spent overnight pressed up against my bumper cover enough to put about an 18-inch long veeerrry...