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  1. Michael Savage banned from the UK

    The Black Hole Bravo UK! BTW, my country, Canada, and the UK do not treat freedom of speech as a absolute right like in the US. We have limits in cases where hatred is being promoted. What do you think?
  2. So i got banned, i think?

    i tried to log into ikariam and got the banned page, im like WTF i didn't do anything wrong i do have another account but they do not contact each other and they are not accessed from the same IP address and do not have the same email address, totally separate from each other, in fact the old...
  3. Banned or down?

    Either I did something to get banned (pretty sure I didn't) or Ikariam is down... I get to the login screen, enter my info and then it times out..... Anyone else having problems? 922pm Central time.....
  4. I'm banned.

    I tryed to login this morning and had no luck. The screen just says that I am banned for the time being. I am not sure why, unless an inactive I have been pillaging came back and reported me...
  5. I have been banned

    No idea why!!! :banghead::banghead::banghead: I always use the bashing calculator. Results Town name Attack count Future attacks schedule Strip Club 5 14:13 19:43 21:15 22:11 22:18 Off-Road City 5 06:24 06:57 12:26 15:57 19:56 Cerbère 4 08:32 13:42 20:36 21:22 Quiggleville 3 23:25...
  6. Have I been banned?

    Nevermind, it works now.
  7. WTF my account got banned?

    i went to log in and i got this WFT is that about anyone have a clue i was just keeping to myself i havent pillaged in a long time, nor have i done anything i just build and send stuff to The Greek
  8. Texas Blizzard (56k: banned)

    The Showroom
    Welp, it snowed! I figured I should make the best of it... :thumbup::D Ahh, the cost of being low... Bye paint. Nice knowin' ya! Yeah, I got out of work early today. I was bored. So sue me.
  9. Why is Ryan8186 banned?

    The Black Hole
    Anyone know if he is truly banned and if so for how long? I was surfing through the forums and noticed the word "Banned" under his user name. Why has he been banned??
  10. Sciteach is banned? What's the scoop?

    The Black Hole
    I noticed Rusty & Sciteach were having a few personal spats as late. Is this a perm ban or a temp ban? What give? Enquiring mind wants to know.
  11. Christmas tree banned from courthouse lobby

    The Black Hole
    Another battle in the war on Xmas! You conservative guys are going to love this. Actually, just about everyone here thinks this is BS: Source:
  12. Banned commercials, violence, etc.

    The Black Hole
    I’m having a thought… bear with me… J So I’m reading this and it got me thinking… why is it “bad” that we are trying to limit the amount of violence and destruction we let kids see? The posters seem to think it’s a bad thing that we don’t...
  13. After we get rid of guns, knives should be banned too...

    The Black Hole
    In UK, a group of doctors argues that long kitchen knives should be outlawed. Yeah, that'll stop violence. Uh huh. :rolleye: How 'bout cricket bats? Maybe they should ban football, too. :banghead:
  14. Banned UN Commercial

    The Black Hole I don't think this is a repost... This United Nations commericial, though popular in Britain, was banned from US airwaves. It was banned by both liberals and conservatives for being to violent and distrubing, not because we all love...
  15. Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School

    The Black Hole I don't know what to say.
  16. Go Julian! Adios Amigos! (D ZIGNER IS NOW BANNED)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    JULIANFANG should be a B5OTM Adios! Scott Schwartz Roxy 2001.5 1.8T Variant