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  1. Deka's , SAIP pump, Coilpacks , Bailey's Dv

    Parts For Sale
    Deka 630cc injectors (set of 4 direct plug and play just need spacers and tune to run them)-$130 shipped SOLD Saip pump off my 2000 atw (works great, just removed do to installation of fmic)-$50 shipped SOLD Stock atw coilpacks (bolt down, built in icm)-$25 shipped SOLD "BROKEN" Baileys diverter...
  2. would you rather have a Bailey or an APR DV

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    which would you run? why?
  3. FS: Bailey Diverter Valve

    Classified Archive
    Sold...lock er up! Since I blew my engine upgraded my turbo, I took the liberty to change out a few parts, so I have my Bailey DV for sale. I've had it since '05 and it is serviceable (allen screws) and has been serviced with mobil 1 high temp grease. It is polished and pics will be up soon...
  4. Bailey diverter valve & cleaning...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    ive searched around some about cleaning the DV and how to test it etc. When i went to test it by pushing the plunger in, it was REAL hard - almost stuck. so i took it apart and little rubber ring around the plastic part that sits on the spring was loose, like it stretched a little. I got some...
  5. FS: Bailey DV & Omori Gauge

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    I have a Bailey DV in silver. SOLD 52mm Omori gauge that color matches the dash. $100.00 shipped. Includes the silicone hoses to connect to engine vacuum for boost. Center console triple gauge holder black for $15.00 shipped. AWE DTS Bar for manual tranny. $250.00 shipped. Might...
  6. Brand NEW- Bailey Black DV...$115 shipped Priority Mail!

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    I have a brand new, never installed Black Bailey DV. I want $115 including Priority Mail! I'm located in Miami, FL This is $165+Ship at AWE..
  7. Bailey DV oposit mounted

    B5 Garage
    Just few minutes ago I came from garage, I was changing DV instead stock one. And by mistake mounted it oposite, I don't think that is GOOD:cool: But anyway, my engine is like a beast know, with perfect wistle sound of turbo. Anyway tomorow I am gonna try to mount it right and see what is gonna...
  8. Feeler bailey dv/vdo gauge and column

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    Pending interest in a bailey dv/and a vdo gauge with column and neccesary hardware prolly selling my car
  9. FS: Bailey DV

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    I have a Bailey polished DV in perfect working condition. Used only for testing. I'll let it go for $110 shipped to anyone, and to someone local @ the High Point meet this sunday i'll do $90. LMK. need money asap :D
  10. WTB: Bailey DV30 Diverter Valve

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    Will consider new or used, any finish. TIA
  11. Bailey DV, 380cc Injectors, Toyo Proxy 4's

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    I have some parts lying around I would like to get rid of. Let me know if you are intrested. 1) Baily DV polished, used but in good condition $SOLD$ 2)Siemens 380cc injectors New, spacers and bolts included $155 shipped 3)235/45/17 Toyo Proxy 4, not quite to the wear bars, but a good used set...
  12. Bailey Diverter Valve

    Classified Archive
    For Sale, one barely used Bailey Diverter Valve, polished silver. $125 OBO :thumbup:
  13. Fs: Bailey DV30

    Classified Archive
    SOLD: Bailey DV30 SOLD I have a Bailey DV30 for sale, 2 months old, excellent condition. 100 USD shipped in US. I take paypal too.
  14. DV: Bailey's, Evo, Forge, HyperBoost....does it matter?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    They are all about the same price, do the same thing, and all seem to be made with similar quality. Is there a difference? :rolleyes: Forge 007 DV Evo DV Bailey's DV Hyperboost DV...whats better about the HX?
  15. bailey dv

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    used 3 months $105 shipped
  16. ? regarding the difference between Audi TT DV and Forge or Bailey

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I am just wondering if anyone has ever upgraded from an Audi TT diverter valve to a Forge or a Bailey Motorsports valve and has noticed a tangible improvement in performance. I'm trying to gauge if this is a neccessary upgrade for my current setup. I have a K03 chipped with 1.1 bar software...
  17. Active: Bailey Motorsports Diverter Valves

    Group Buys
    This GB is being run through and its sponsors, Pure Motorsports and AWE-Tuning. I have gotten permission from Steve Sherwood on audiworld to post this on here to gain more exposure. So here is the deal... This is the description of the product on Pure-Motorsport website: The...
  18. WTB : Forge / Bailey DV

    Classified Archive
    The time has come Maybe a spare laying around? Let me know of asking price, condition, etc. Peace. Stephen.
  19. Bailey DV for $129.95 at AWE-Tuning

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    If you need a DV, this one is the best. And it's on sale, which never happens.
  20. Brett Bailey - Sacramento, CA

    USA - West
    2004 Passat GLS Siverstone Grey Anthracite Cloth Interior Pretty much standard equipment My first Volkswagon...previous Honda owner. So far I love my Passat!! :)