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  1. The Showroom
    hey hey guys, im new to the forum.. im 28 years old and live in iceland, here is my vw passat 2.0 wagon 2002, ive had it for almost a year and just a month ago i started modifying it and here are some pictures.. im going for a silver/black theme.. photoshop pic of the car at bottom to show you...
  2. Anything Auto
    "Street Legal" McLaren F1-GTR Lucky-ass bastard!!!! The ONLY car I would give a kidney for.
  3. Anything Auto
    pretty nice looking car watch him drive off in it
  4. Mobile Electronics
    ive never had anything but sony..I LOVE SONY but i have been searching and ive come across a lot of decks with a ton of options so i pose this question would you get a sony m9900 or an eclipse cd8445...
  5. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I just recently found out about these in our lug pattern and i want these! Yes, i know they have a BMW cap on them... I also made a phonecall to and they were very helpful and nice, they carry these in 17x8 in stock for $795. When i get the cash, i'm defenately picking...
  6. Anything Auto
    i hate these stupid ass kids getting these cars and thinking they are the shit and know everything...this one deserves an ass-kicking and a half (from his car ;) ) the main post, in case you miss it...
  7. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just put in my OEM Hella HID's, S2000 Antenna, Tinted Blue Mirrors, and Euroswitch... THE HIDS ARE BADASS. I can't wait till it gets dark so I can see them!!!! The Blue mirrors rock, and the Euroswitch is damn cool too. However, not too sure about the antenna yet.... I may sell it depending...
1-8 of 11 Results