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  1. Amateur Motorsports
    It looks like Chicago Volkswagen Organization won't be doing any AutoX events this summer. :( Chicago Volkswagen Organization - View topic - 2013 CVO State of Affairs Fortunately, Audi Club Chicago is still running AutoX, but those events may go away too if attendance isn't enough to sustain...
  2. Amateur Motorsports
    Just thought I would share some pics of my car being used to have fun in. I have a Mustang I usually AutoX with but my 15yr old wanted to do it so we have been using the Passat. Surprisingly it is pretty fun except for the Drive by wire throttle response is killing me.
  3. Amateur Motorsports
    just did the autoX event last week. it took place at one of the large parking lots inside California Speedway. Anyhow, it was a 2-day event w/ a course that ran approx 30-40 secs. Total cost for the 2 day event was $150 or $80 for one day. there were maybe anywhere from...
  4. Amateur Motorsports
    Heres a few pics its just a teaser i didnt like how the rest came out, plus it was cold, wet, and crappy out. matched with the crappy tires it was a good learning day. and a couple or scirocco78's new racer a 95 miata :banghead:
  5. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I can honestly say that these tires are not ment to auto-x on ;). i tried it on sunday and it was sad the tires just dont grip at all they just scream the entire time and smoke alot oh boy do they smoke. i know i shouldnt have used them but hey i didnt have time to get new tires and thought why...
  6. The Showroom
    My first auto-x in the passat. It was awesome, though my times sucked (overdriving).
  7. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My wife took this today and she got the cone I just pegged while it was still flying through the air! :lol:
  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Im gonna autocross my car for the first time ever in a couple weeks, today i went to the ACCCC event in maywood,il and it was fun. Now im questioning what i should do to my suspension. after searching "reduce understeer" and such things for the last half hour or so i came up with this: I got...
  9. Amateur Motorsports
    I've come to the conclusion that I really need R-comps to compete in SM now. I piss off quite a few people by beating them in a Passat, but they get really mad when they see I'm on street tires :lol: I know that I'll go through multiple sets of R-comps for the season and that's a lot cash I...
  10. Amateur Motorsports
    I'm looking to upgrade my rims to either 17" or 18" and am wondering what the difference will be for Auto-X. Will 225/40-18 have much of a difference compared to 225/45-17s in regards to ride and drivability? Pete
  11. Amateur Motorsports
    Go to and click on the blue "Schedules" button on the left side of the page.The first points event is Sunday, March 18th at Turner Field in downtown Atlanta in the "green" parking lot. Registration usually opens online the week before the event. I will be there to pick up my...
  12. Wheel and Tire Forum
    i'm looking to buy a set of tires mostly for auto-x performance , but they have to be used on the car all the time (1 set of rims for now :( ) i am looking at the following BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW-2 that's pretty much it right now the tire size i'm looking at right now is 205/60/15 and...
  13. Amateur Motorsports
    UPDATED: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN-SEE LAST POST!!!! PRIZES! FREE BEER AND FOOD!!! For those near atlanta who are interested: Its a drag race style start, and you run on the same course at the same time, but enter it at different places...
  14. Amateur Motorsports
    Anybody using these for autocrossing? Specifically the upper and lower front strut bars to stiffen the chassis? They are permitted in my class (DSP) as well as STS . Any thoughts?
  15. Amateur Motorsports
    Just thought some of y'all close by might be interested. Date: April 1st (Saturday) Time: All day Place: Ripken Stadium, Aberdeen MD To register: This is a Philly SCCA...
  16. The Showroom
    My very first AutoX, dayum was it heart pounding. Sorry for the small pic. Couldn't resist. :D Seriously, though, post your pics!
  17. Amateur Motorsports
    Does anyone any good autoX schools/events going on in socal? I know that there are a good deal of autoX practice and competition events being held by the SCCA san diego/qualcomm stadium grp , and the CSCC-S2 grp I recall going to an autoX school a...
  18. Amateur Motorsports
    Now that we have this forum, who else can I get to show up the local autox's so that we have somthing to talk about? Anybody want to see what a :b5: can do without a big fat front sway bar?
  19. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    there's an upcoming auto-x in Va and i'm thinking about registering. I have a 98 passat V-6 tip, and my friend with an '02 jetta wagon 1.8t. Both of us are stock. It's going to be alot of fun. 5 runs for 50 dollars. Anybody have tips to make the day more enjoyable? i'm planing on taking about...
1-19 of 28 Results