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  1. darn! Autoweek article

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    my wife just saw the Autoweek article about the 3M headlight she wants me to buy that instead of buying new headlights! :cry: I was really looking forward to some new units instead of using the restore...
  2. Autoweek bland on new Passat

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion Not surprising IMHO.
  3. Autoweek FINALLY test drives the Veyron!

    Anything Auto
    Awesome. VAG should change its name to Seraphim, Gmbh, with all these halos around.
  4. AutoWeek checks out the long-awaited Pontiac Solstice

    Anything Auto
    Even if you think GM is incompetent all around, you can't help but feel a little happy for them when they fulfill a (late) promise with a decent product:
  5. Autoweek? review of the passat TDI

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    its a UK mag. Pitted against the Euro accord, puegot, and ford. Summary: Passat is the only automatic car, but has the most luxurious features. IT is the best pick of all 4 but gets the lease mpg. Little thing about how vw is trying to outdo the 325, not there yet but getting there. Oh and...
  6. Class or Crass: Autoweek's newly redesigned webpage

    Anything Auto :-P :lol: :-P
  7. AutoWeek Article

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion Here's an interesting article that I thought some of you may enjoy. I personally think that not offering manual transmision on the diesel Passat is a mistake that will take away from the...
  8. Autoweek's "America's best" choice awards

    Anything Auto
    AMERICA'S BEST AWARD WINNERS 2004 America's Best people mover: Honda Odyssey 2004 America's Best sports car: Chevrolet Corvette 2004 America's Best economy car: Mazda 3 8) 2004 America's Best suv/off-roader: Volkswagen Touareg :) 2004 America's Best first car: Honda Civic 2004 America's...
  9. From this week's: AutoWeek (Tuner issue) - Chevy Cobalt SS

    Anything Auto
    I just got the latest issue of AutoWeek in the mail. Theres an article about the new Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged. Its got its crosshairs on the Focus SVT, the Neon SRT4, and the Civic Si. Pretty stiff competition. The eaton charger will be intercooled producing 205 hp @5600 200 lb/ft...
  10. Got my new AutoWeek....

    Anything Auto
    Some interesting tidbits this month: Mercedes New V12 "Not content with the 500hp delivered by the supercharges 5.4-liter V8 engine found in the SL55, the German Carmaker is putting the finishing touches on an even more powerful, turbo charged 6.5-liter V12. The new power plant, based off the...
  11. Autoweek's "Best Sedan" -- Passat voted 3rd/4th

    Anything Auto
    Autoweek has released the tallies of votes for Best Sedan. The Passat placed third among subscribers voting and fourth among all voters. Here are the results and this is the link to article VOTING RESULTS - SEDAN (AutoWeek subscribers) % OF VOTE 19.17% BMW 3-Series 13.06% Audi A6...
  12. Article on the Phaeton at Autoweek

    Anything Auto
    If I only had the money... ----------------------- 2002 GLX Tip, Pine Green/Beige, Mud Flaps, Monster mats, Thinking about a Tip Chip, 2400 miles (bought 4/15) 1996 Saab 900S Conv, Black/Beige, 62,000, resting in the garage until next summer sans tags 2001 Ford Taurus...