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    Im reading mixed fitment guides has anyone used this on a b5.5?
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    Here are some pics of my Autometer Oil Pressure Sender Install: There were more detailed sender installs but I didn't want to get an angle adapter to fit the sender onto the oil cooler. So I just did the straight shot. First remove the test port off the top of the oil cooler with a 5mm Hex...
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  4. Parts For Sale
    Bought a Z series AutoMeter 30 In Hg/30PSI 2 1/16" gauge and single A-pillar pod, new in box never used/installed, gauge comes with hoses and T-splice. I've got some other things I need money for and I don't need this gauge. I have a total of $86 and change in it with shipping. I'd let both go...
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    I've decided to move on and go a diffrent route with my gauge setup. I have a Autometer Carbon Fiber boost gauge. An Autometer Ultralite II oil pressure gauge and a single mouth steering mount pod for sale. boost gauge for 35$, oil pressure gauge for 15$ column pod for 10$. - All items are...
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    Autometer Sport Comp boost gauge for sale...In box...opened, but never used. I only ever touched the wires to my battery to see how it lit up. I decided to go with an electronic gauge before i installed this one. $30+ shipping takes it. It's basically brand new. PM me or email me at...
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    Used 2 5/8" Sport Comp Oil Pressure 0-100, mechanical, including fittings and new line. Used 2 5/8" Sport Comp Oil Temp 140-280, Mechanical with hard line and oil pan sensor. New In Box 2 5/8" Sport Comp Water Temp, mechanical, 140-280 with all hardware and water neck sensor. i just bought...
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    I have 2 autometer phantom gauges for sale, white faces. Boost gauge, and A/F ratio gauge. I also have a black autometer dual gauge pod for sale for the b5 passat. They are open, it was mocked up, never connected to anything and decided I didn't like it and went with a different setup...
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    FS : Autometer A/F meter Phantom SOLD Bought it used and never install it. Never got a chance to buy 2nd column pod. I think I will never put it on, so someone can use it instead. 100% working condition, no scratches Price : $40 shipped
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    i have a stock b5 grill for sale... still has all clips and vw logo is in good condition 20 obo plus shipping i also have 2 autometer pro-comp ultra-lite gauges in 2 5/8" 1st is a boost gauge and 2nd is fuel pressure make an offer :]
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    fits 98-01 with the flat a pillar... holds 2 1/16" gauges comes black but can easily be painted 15 plus shipping
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    So I'm getting rid of my VW soon and I'm taking off what I can. All parts are still on the car until I see enough interest to take them off. Make me an offer but nothing stupid and we'll go from there. B5 Passat headlights/corner lights - black/euroclear - SOLD Greddy Type S Style BOV -...
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    BOOST GAUGE sport comp 2 5/8 with black pod FUEL PRESS Gauge 2 5/8 with black pod OIL TEMP Gauge 2 5/8 with black pod Only gauges and pods are will need the hardware to set up each gauge which can be easily found. looking for $75 shipped for the gauges and pods. these...
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    FS: SPI Motorsport Boost Gauge + Autometer Pod - SOLD Black backing, black face, white lettering, and white needle. Needle illuminates. Three leads on the back of this mechanical boost gauge: black (ground) green (12V) yellow (12V) Wire the color that you want lit. Yellow wire to battery...
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    I found Autometer Nexus gauges and they look like a good match for our cars. Does anyone have these? pics? Thanx
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    I have two Autometer gauges for sale. Both used in perfect working condition. I'll throw in some new connectors. Also a couple of bulbs for the voltometer for free. Sport Comp Voltometer msrp= $55.42, price= $35.85 my price= $25.00 Cobalt Series A/F msrp= $95.16
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    im want to get the phantom air fuel gauge for my 98 1.8 the problem is that it says it only works with narrow-band o2 sensors. my car is wideband correct? they have a kit, i dont know if its what i need or i should find a diffrent gauge but its part number is 2244 it looks like a o2 sensor with...
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    FS : Autometer Dual Gauge Pod w/ Gauges (Now w.Pics!) Autometer dual gauge pod, painted beige to match the 98-00 interior with clean guages: 1) Autometer Ultra-lite Air/Fuel ration gauge, and 2) Autometer Ultra-lite 30psi boost gauge. Comes with all wiring and...
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    This has been bugging me since my first B5. You can easily match the light color of a VDO gauge to the VW dash color since those gauges are backlit. It just requires the right LED that is plug and play. There are a few electronic gauges that match the color too, but they are pricey, $150+...
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    still in good condition. 15 bux shipped.. :)