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  1. Pay No Attention To The New Guy

    New Member Introductions
    Hey now....was that called for?
  2. AWD Swap information Attention!!! b3 G60 guys!!!

    Volkswagen Passat Early B Platforms Discussion
    Hey guys I'm new to this Forum but not to dubs. I've been a hardcore VW fan all my life. I've had a Mk3 Jetta VR6T (Highly built just shy of 400whp) and a mk3 jetta vr6 3.0 (all engine). I've loved Passats for years I'm going to be getting my B4 (35i) Sedan back from my exwife very soon (only...
  3. The smart still draws some attention

    Anything Auto
    Even after over a decade on the market the smart seems to draw alot of attention. Especially when you got a small caravan of 5 of them lol!!
  4. Pay attention to those "No Parking" signs in Russia!

    Anything Auto
    Pay attention to those "No Parking" signs in Russia! :icon_eek: :rolleyes:
  5. RANDOM Brake Light Insists on Immediate Attention, then Goes out after 5 Seconds

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So... this has happened twice now. Once about a month and a half ago traveling home from Big Bear Mountain, and again today. both roads were winding, but nothing that required super intense left/right steering. (does that make sense?) Basically what happens is my Brake light comes on, the...
  6. these rear lights caught my attention

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
  7. so you want attention to detail - pic intense

    Anything Auto
    check this out start with getting all the hardware replated, and buying tons of NOS parts some tranny work build a full ottinger motor then put it all together add some suspension work and you get this :bowdown: full build is here truly an epic build, this dude...
  8. attention please. not done but almost there.

    The Showroom
    just a preview check out my boys photos some cool stuff stay tuned for more 1 more excuse the disgusting exhaust tip going to get them cut off very very soon when i have time to go
  9. the B5 has my undivided attention as of thursday night

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i totaled my motorcycle - i'm fine just rashed up. seeing as my B5 is the only vehicle i own now i figured i'd put more work into one of the few B5's around town. well my water pump seems to be going out, i believe i made a post about it months back. well i have not physically examined the...
  10. ATTENTION: DFW or local areas I have new wheels cheap FS/Trade!!

    Classified Archive
    Hey guys i have some 18x7.5 Katana white rims with a high polish lip... they are in mint condition (only used for a month or so) and have brand new tires on them 245/45/18....they are a universal 5 lug....(5x100/5x115).. im willing to make ANY trades for some 5x112 18's with or without tires or...
  11. Attention 2009 B6 Owners

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    In the hardcopy 2009 Passat brochure the following features are listed as standard: 1. Automatic Headlights with coming home feature 2. Central power locking system with key fob-operated closing feature for power glass sunroof and selective unlocking at driver's door These features are listed...
  12. R20, you say? You have my attention...

    Anything Auto A 2.0T pushing 270HP make me wonder about lag/delay...
  13. ATTENTION: Preparing for war against BLK_L

    Per my in game message: OK, so here's the deal with BLK_L so that we're on the same page: The reason the war between DAC and BLK_L started was because one of BLK_L's members attacked a DAC member with wollow up attacks by a couple other players. The DAC member asked for help from his...
  14. Attention 1.8T onwers read this post if your Timing belt Failed

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Edited. ask Urlik for the website.
  15. Attention Greek

    Just wanted to update you and anyone else, I have officially took over Jaythesnorks account. I changed all the info to reflect that change....i.e....Town names and player name. My old account has been changed to the name Death adder, I, II,III,IV, player name Guesswho.....I believe Ohiosurfer...
  16. ATTENTION all ABS module victims!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    PLEASE anyone who has had to make this repair through VW or with the "rebuilt" modules place a acomplaint with the NHTSA for this problem. They handle all vehicle recalls and if they get enough complaints may open an investigation of this important safety defect. go to this link and follow the...
  17. Attention SKlass

    I received this message...
  18. Class action law suit - Attention lawyers

    Anything Auto
    So how does one start a class action lawsuit? I'm a new sufferer of the P0011 code which means my engine will be pulled for replacement of the camshaft actuators. The problem is so prevelent that people are waiting in line to ge their cars repaired. So how does one of these lawsuits get...
  19. ATTENTION: Let's see your Blue Spirit Pearl & Blue Silver Passat's!

    The Showroom
    I think we need a home for all of us Blue Spirit Pearl/Blue Silver owners. Feel free to post your own B5, or even someone else's you like and admire. senseless1707, Meet Me in the Trap, Stewart, Tom- let's get it started! :thumbup: May I go first? Blue Spirit Pearl on the left vs...
  20. Attention Lurkers SHOW US YOUR RIDE!!

    The Showroom
    Post pics of your whip