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  1. Chris Atkinson - Dallas, TX

    USA - South
    "stattlich" :: [noble, stately, well-built, handsome, considerable, robust, imposing, brave, superb, gallant, sightly, majestic, grand] It started with a 1986 GTI my senior year in high school (that I still have). Then my needs changed four years later, and I picked up a new, black on black...
  2. Carl Atkinson - York, PA

    USA - East
    I have a '99 GLS-V6 5 speed Satin Silver with Black Leather and Luxury Package. I have installed the VW warning triangle and crystal clear sidemarkers. I have also installed Bilstein HD shock absorbers, a billet aluminum shorty antenna, and a Euro spec headlight switch with the 56d tab taped to...