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    Need some automotive artwork to spruce up the garage, den, or anywhere else in the house? These technical-style chalk drawings are printed on metal plates in three different sizes, and with over 125 prints to choose from, there will be something in the mix for every shade of auto enthusiast...
    Hey everybody! CARiD is bringing more useful auto detailing tips to your attention! Check out some cool products we offer to restore hazy headlights, clean your some chrome parts and make your car glass hydrophobic: 1) MOTHERS® - Headlight Restoration Kit Features: - Mounts to any drill...
    Hi guys! At CARiD, we aim to provide our customers with the finest Auto Detailing the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Today I'm gonna tell you about auto detailing products by our new manufacturer - Dr. Beasley’s. Dr. Beasley’s is a...
  4. USA - East
    Hello passat world members. Like the title says i recently graduated to become an MECP mobile electronics certified professional. I can do car alarms remote starts . Radio installations... Custom installations.. Fiberglas.. Custom subwoofer boxes.. Heres a link to a video that i made to give you...
  5. Anything Auto I vote all class, 100%
  6. Anything Auto
    If you are in Atlanta this spring, be sure to vist the High Museum of Art to see this exhibit. It will be shown only at the High Museum, i.e. not traveling to any other museums. I have been looking forward to this for many, many months, and am excited that the opening is fast approaching. Road...
  7. Anything Auto
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    ill start
  9. Anything Auto
  10. Anything Auto
    Wow! And all I get is
  11. Anything Auto Way beyond "Wash Me." Here's one of my favorites:
  12. Anything Auto
    Titled the GTR, ART's latest tuning program spans the gamut of your beloved CLS, with modifications ranging from the engine and suspension all the way down to your door sills. Customers have the option of two enhanced engine packages. The first, titled the GTR560, ups the CLS' standard AMG V8...
  13. The Showroom
    Here's my beauty again... on a photoshoot in the harbor... Enjoy ;-)
  14. Anything Auto
    Ok guys, So I went to the Chrysler test drive today. Over all pretty cool. There was tons of stuff to do, but I was there for one reason the 300C. My impression of the car deffinetly improved because of this. It looks much better in person. Interior quality while not quite VW/Audi...
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    now can i get that in desktop size :lol:
  16. Group Buys
    I work for a car stereo/speed shop on the east coast. and I am offering the state of the art Viper Responder alarm package for 300 dollars. Retail for this alarm is 499.99 in circuit city or other stores. I have a posted link for more information on this alarm. I am just seeing what the interest...
  17. Group Buys
    Wicked Art from England GB. I just send an email to find out if they can do a caricature from the Passat(B5 & B5.5). Would like to know how many are interested. Please let me know. <![CDATA[I just send an email to find out if they can do a caricature from the...
  18. Group Buys
    Who ordered the Werks of Art Clutch during the GB a few months ago? Have you guys heard when they are supposed to be done? I was just curious if anyone had gotten their clutch and/or flywheel.