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  1. Finnish Army Green Passat B6

    The Showroom
    Hi, I bought this Passat at autumn 2012. It's produced 2006, sportline 1.9 TDi, and it looked like this: The car was located a few hundred kilometers from my home, so it took some timo me to get it. But first things first, i needed to be a little more quicker. So as soon I was back home...
  2. Stop! Army time

    Part of my army consists of the following troops all fully upgraded spread across my four towns. 400 slingers @ 3200 p/h (if the upkeep figure is per hour) 160 swordsmen @ 2560 p/h 160 phalanx @ 3840 p/h I've never yet used a slinger for anything so I'm thinking of killing them off and...
  3. Wheres my army?

    So i turn off the computer last night come back online today to check my peoples and i noticed my whole army is gone,i have no news or anything that i was attacked,wut could of happened?
  4. Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill

    The Black Hole
    I am about halfway through this book now. Very enlightening. Like this guy's writing style and how he pulls so much together. There is probably a 50-60 page appendix in the back full of documentation. Here's some videos for ya.
  5. Canadians beat U.S. Army to New Orleans suburb

    The Black Hole
    Makes me proud to be a canuck. Link:
  6. Another day another PBS Army efforts in WW2

    The Black Hole
    I created this "another day another PBS show" thread just for you JRAD. :biglaugh: This was a show about contruction of the Alaska highway durning WW2. I will be honest....Ive never heard about it, and Im a big fanatic of WW2. Found it very interasting what these men had to go thru....just...
  7. New 8-wheeled armored vehicle makes US Army debut

    Anything Auto
    Remember that thread about American vehicles? Well, here's one that can park in my garage anytime!!!