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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was told it was possible to install the center console from a MK4 Jetta (from behind the shifter, back that houses the armrest) with a little work on the handbrake. I've got a 2001 B5 Passat that I'd like to put it in. Any idea how true this is before I spend the money on one? I like...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello everyone. I finally got all the parts to put in a proper b5.5 console in my 01 GLS B5. It fit perfect, looks great, however, I have noticed that the sliding armrest slides way too easily, and doesn't see right. It still opens and closes (ratchets) properly, but the sliding part I think...
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Wanted to sell my old armrest (I did the B5.5 conversion), but the guy who wants to buy it, wants to install it in a Golf MKIV, anyone know if the armrest fits? Thanks
  4. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I did this on my 2007 B6 Passat wagon I fixed the problem of the total armrest not coming down by putting 2 squares of Velcro at each upper corner. This allows the cup holder section to stay attached the the back section to allow both to fold down (why it's made that way is beyond me) and...
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi guys.. Long story short i bought an armrest from a salvage yard and the connections for cigarette lighter that is on the back of the armrest where cut. It isn't something that i want to necessarily do but why not. My question is Where can i get power so i can wire up the cigarette lighter on...
  6. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi, noticed when I bought the car that there were some goo under the armrest, in the little storage "room" that is there. Didn't think much of it, and cleaned it. But now I realized that it is coming back, and coming from underneath the rubber mat thats lying there. It doesn't really smell...
  7. Parts For Sale
    Never installed, Italian made, pivots up / down, under lid storage, and is same size as OE. Only requires slight modification too center console at rear ashtray area on B5. Streetbeat lists this item for $365 and sells for $256. My asking price is $170 + ship.
  8. WTB/WTT Section
    My armrest cover broke at the molded plastic "hinges". Looking for an good shape used, black, cloth centre armrest top cover. like this: FOR 98 04 Jetta Golf Bora Passat Beige Armrest Center Console Cover LID NEW | eBay Im in Canada, and will paypal. Thanks, Dean
  9. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    The rubber covering on my armrest and switches are falling off and I would like to replace the switches and paint the armrest. Can you remove armrest without taking off the door panals. I do not see any screws holding the armrest to the door frame. Thanks
  10. Parts For Sale
    All items are in good to great condition unless otherwise stated. All prices obo. Pickup available in Milford, MA All items are sold as-is with no warranty expressed or implied. Thanks for looking. :beer: Black Cloth Round top Beetle Headrests - $75 shipped Black Leather MK4 Jeta Headrests...
  11. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    On my new to me 2000 Passat GLS 2L with 105,000 kms, the closure for the centre armrest list has snapped. Can I buy this part online? What's it's official name and part #? Many thanks. I'm really enjoying this car, and it's a great replacement for my old 2000 Saturn SL2 (350,000 kms)...
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi all, I just got some new leather for the armrest lid but I'm having a heck of a time getting the lid off the slide mechanism. The limited threads I found didn't help. There was one that looked promising but the last picture showed the lid already off the slider. And that's the point where...
  13. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi Guys, im desperately searching for the W8 chrome cover/trim for the armrest .. is anyone out there, selling it? Or may one of you ask one of the local dealers, if they have it in stock? In germany the part isn't...
  14. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello everybody! Over the past couple months I've been working with in order to create a leather armrest and handbrake boot for the b5.5. For those who are unfamiliar with these guys, they make custom leather goods for basically any vehicle out there. Steering wheel wraps...
  15. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm looking to purchase a 2002 4 cylinder. After searching around, I've come around a 2002 B5.5 that looks and drives pretty well (albeit with ~180k miles) . However it had a missing door and exposed wire coming out of the back of the center armrest's base. The seller is not the original owner...
  16. WTB/WTT Section
    I am installing a 5.5 console in my b5 but need the tray that goes into the cavity under the armrest. Anyone have one? thanks! - b
  17. Parts For Sale
    1 B5 armrest cupholder, great shape, $30 shipped anywhere in the universe.
  18. New Member Introductions
    I have a Passat SR-line and i have damaged the cloth on the centre armrest. Can anyone please tell me how to remove the lid section. I've checked the forum but have not had any luck. Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. WTB/WTT Section
    As title states, looking for a black leather armrest lid (can be the whole assembly for a good price if need be.) Also need the black grab handle covers (what you pry up to get to the two door card screws) for all three doors, and the black trim panel piece with the inner handle for the drivers...
1-19 of 143 Results