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    I have searched all over and cant find a guide anywhere. The only thing I have found is to disconnect the downpipe from the exhaust and pull the whole thing up out of the engine bay. That thread stopped after the poster said he couldn't get it all out and was now trying to get the 3 bolts off...
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    Damaged the right fender and sunk in the the headlight along with the hood in a little collision earlier. Gotta think about replacing that now, or maybe my insurance will cover it? I dont know. Just got this thing running a few days ago so the insurance was juust barely instated yesterday (being...
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    A buddy of mine forwarded this to me. Even if you Do NOT understand french - you will get the concept here. A three-liter Ferrari V8 engine driven through the gear box of a BMW M3...two 285 millimeter slicks up front and two connected 315s around back keep what is essentially an engine, a...
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    Hey guys. So i recently i had a p0411 code on my 2001 B5.5 1.8t Passat with AWM engine code and been trying to fight with it with no effect. After I erase the code with OBD scanner the CEL is off for average of 3 days. Also, I know that SAIP works for only first minute or two after the car...
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    As the title states im trying to buy a body kit for my '03 passat but all I am finding is places over seas? Maybe I'm missing something here. Any body have input on this? :confused:
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    Hi all Great to b here. And thanks for handy info I used to do mod on my wagon
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    I made two posts but still can't post in B5 forum!
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    this is really starting to get annoying...ive made my two posts but it will still not let me post in the b6 me
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    I was just about to order a set of FK 60/40 high tec springs for my passat from ECS and they are back ordered for the sedan. Would the wagon springs work? I want to make sure it would lower the car the same amount but being a wagon I am assuming the wagon is heavier. Part number for sedan...
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    Welcome to Passatworld. We're glad you decided to make this your stop on the internet highway for information about your Passat. We've been combating a rash of spam, so in an effort to contain it, you must make your first two posts here in the Noob Tube forum. You will not be allowed to post in...
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    Hi all, This is my first post! I'm new to the forum but not new to cars or Passats. I have a 2000 B5 Estate SE 5 speed ZF Auto box ATJ 115 Tdi engine. At the moment the car is down in power. Its looking like the MAF since I have eliminated any vacuum, solenoid, EGR or VNT problems. I shall be...
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    Hello. I need a few parts for my 2000 vw passat 2.8 5-speed. Headliner, vent diffusers, mostly plastics... And good places?
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    OK... I'm running a limited run of HID kits for sale till 1/11/09! The HID kits are warranted for 2 FULL YEARS! 1000's of these kits have been sold on various Off-road and euro car forums. Kits range from 3,000k to 12,000k...YOUR CHOICE! Color Temperature is a measurement in Degrees Kelvin...
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    Went the Phat way and I don' t need this anymore. Please take it. I'll even pack it very nice for you for $130 shipped :D
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    I found this VW shop listing by users of Although written by the van and Westy crowd, it can be helpful to locate or avoid VW mechanics in your area.
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    Hey all. I have a 1999 B5 1.8T tip. I am losing 2-3 quarts of oil over 1000 miles, but it does not appear to be burning oil because there is no smoke from the exhaust. When I got it up on a lift and tried looking for leaks, all I found was that under the oil filter was a small "wet" spot as well...
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    I have for sale 4 sets of HIDs, two I ordered extra by mistake and the other two are mine, that I am selling (im a HID wh0re, I've had 3000K, 43000K, 8000K and now I have 6000K lol): AVAILABLE: (2) 4300K H7 $160 Shipped (1) 6000K H7 $160 Shipped (1) 3000K H7 $170 Shipped (1) 6000K 9006 $160...
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    Hello All, Selling this VWFIXX T-Shirt in size medium. Just arrived yesterday. They sent me the wrong size and I don't want to go through the trouble of yadi yadi yadas. Looking for a quick sale. $20 bucks shipped anywhere. I prefer paypal.
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    Got Genesis 380cc injectors I bought about 3 months ago for my BT setup. Like New! email me at [email protected] SOLD