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    I need a new bumper cover and found one on ebay at a resonable price, But the seller doesn't have the color code and just lists the color as dark blue/gray. So if you can please help me verify that the bumper cover is indeed a blue anthricite or a diffrent blue..thank you for your time :driving:
  2. The Showroom
    Want To See..... any B5's that are grey and have black exterior pieces....rof, rub strips, wheels, mirror get the idea. Looking to go this route on mine, just wanna see some too.
  3. Classified Archive
    These are my beloved 18x8 SSR Comps, they're Anthricite in color and are a perfect match to the silverstone on our cars. Since we bought a new house tho, time to get rid of these until a few years go by and I can start a new project. Here's what you get: 4 SSR Comps 18x8 w/ metal valve...
1-3 of 3 Results