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  1. Tips for installing my amp/sub?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi Everyone: I was wondering if someone can give me on some insight on how to go about installing this audio upgrade to my 04 Passat GL. Basically what I want to do is use the oem radio and speakers (I don't think its a Monsoon) and add a JL Audio Stealthbox and the JL Audio 250/1 amp to it to...
  2. Part Out: GIAC, Kamei, Custom amp/sub, A-pillar, timing belt kit, lots more!!!

    Classified Archive
    Boost gauge color matched in fiberglassed A-pillar: I mounted color matched LED's inside an Autometer boost gauge. The gauge is mounted in a one piece a-pillar and covered in matching material for a B5.5 light grey interior. This will not fit a B5. I'll need your pillar in return. - SOLD Kamei...
  3. Noob - Need help installing Amp/Sub to stock HU

    Mobile Electronics
    Guys I have the amp/Sub with me now and i need to try and install it myself, so i need help from anyone who can care to provide me some guidance. I have never done any electrical work on any car as such and should be treated like a complete novice. Car: 2003 V6 GLX Prewired for CD Changer...
  4. Amp/Sub for Sale

    Classified Archive
    FS: Amp/Sub for Sale I have one 2005 Kicker Solo Baric L7 in a long square Kicker Brand ported box with a Boss 2500 Monoblock Amp. Paid over 2K for everything new last March. Had it in my 2001 Jetta 1.8T for about 4mo. Everything is in excellent condition. I'll forward pictures upon...
  5. 2003 W8 w/Monsoon. Amp/Sub questions & opinions.

    Mobile Electronics
    OK all, here's a few questions. Am thinking of adding either a JL Audio 10" sub & box or perhaps their box with three 8" subs powered by a JL Audio 250/2 amplifier. Question One - Which sub (multiple 8" or single 10") would give me the "tightest" bass response? I'm not after just BOOM. I'm...
  6. Amp/sub add - questions

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all. New W8 owner. Like the Monsoon but want to add a bit more punch on the bass. Recommendations? I want to minimize the space required in the trunk. Am thinking of two 8" or one 10" in an enclosure. JL Audio probably. Need to know what others recommend. Also, amp. recommendations...