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  1. Amanda Berry. WTF!

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    I just heard about this story yesterday. All I can say is, WTF! amanda berry - Google Search
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT... P-V and Amanda are finally getting Married

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    Yes... for those of you who know us... we are in the pipeline to get married. Although I knew the answer B4 I asked, it's still a relief. It's out there now, and there's a wedding to plan. Kenny Fran Stan Juha Thumber... Outlaw list: (not expected, but appreciated :) ) Alex Boris Ryan Dave...
  3. Wendy and Amanda copped a feel....or 4!!!!

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    I know this will get moved, but it was really funny and what better way to make all the non Colorado members feel left out. We had a GTG tonight at Dave & Busters. Shortly before we left we decided to have out picture taken at one of their cheesy booth things. Here's the results: Back...
  4. Amanda Spear - Longmont, CO

    USA - Central
    The Ride: 2002 Passat GLS 1.8T Manual Blue Anthracite/Grey Leather/Luxury/Monsoon/Homelink Delivery: 12/31/01 The Mods: (in order by date installed) 3M ClearBra 20% Madico Tint all around NB Sunglass Holder De-badged K&N Filter Monster Mats Momo Aluminum Sphere Shift Knob and Momo Boot...