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    I'm thinking of getting some Potenza RE960AS in 215/60/15 but I'm worried about bulge and uneven tire wear. Anyone have experience with this size on their B5? And can anyone find any pictures of this setup? Thanks!
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    OK so dont automatically assume i havent searched because i have and i still am not coming up with what i want, and may never. It may not be peoples thing, BUTTT..... Im looking for a b5 passat, dropped, slammed or any other adjective that you want to use to describe being really low on the...
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    Got some 15" Adelaides with plenty tire tread remaining. $250 OBO not shipping at this point 3 Wheels are in excellent condition (a wash needed though), 1 has (hardly noticeable) minor curbage
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    Thinking of painting my adelaides flat black, and I'm wondering what I would need to do to prep them before I shoot paint. Do I just need to clean and degrease them, or do I need to do more?
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    FS: B5 Vestatec Fog Lights and 15" Adelaides Rims Hi all, it's been a while since I've been on. I'm offering the following items that I have (trying to do some clean up): B5 Vestatec Fog Lamps *** SOLD *** $200 Local pick-up / $220 shipped within the lower 48 US states - Local Pick-up or...
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    On Long Island- I have a set of 15" Adelaides with new Fuzion HRi tires- stock size. Free- Just take the f-in things- Rims had no balance or wobble issues and one rim has a medium scratch- Just Take the fuc$in things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have a pair of Adelaides from my '00 1.8t sedan for sale, plus an extra center cap thrown in for good measure. $40 plus shipping. Some curb rash on both (I didn't do it!).
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    $150 picked up, prefer not to ship them. Two tires are short, but still usable, two are worn:
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    Let me know if you got anything? tires or with tires doesn't matter. Also hopping the seller will ship unless there are some local around chicago! THanks!!
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    ******SOLD***** Thanks Tony...It was nice to meet and talk to you! Tires probably will need to be replaced soon, I will try and take some pics later today. The rims are in good shape with some curbage but nothing major at all. Looking for $100 for the set. Local pickup only. I'm in...
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    Folks;I have a set of 15" Adelaides with no tires and OEM springs that need to sell.Rims have curb rashes from previous owner but nothing that affect the ride. I used 'em for about a year and then upgrade to OEM 17"s.I really need the money :banghead: so I will sell for cheap I also have a right...
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    Selling some stuff from my old B5. Ebay straight pipe $60 Shipped Never installed, comes with gaskets and bolts Navigon 7100 $80 Sold Parking Sensors $25 Shipped Some ebay parking sensors, I don't know take them off my hands. Value added bonus of two already painted royal green! Free Stuff...
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    I have four OEM B5 Adelaide rims, in pretty good condition. These are the rims only - the tires have been removed. Not too much curbage, NO dents, some scratching on the surface which can be seen in the pictures. Center caps included, however as the picture below shows the VW log was...
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    For one low low installment of GET IT THE F OUT OF MY GARAGE! Stock springs shocks, bumpstops, upper strut mount, and maybe a couple other bits. Also have stock adelaide wheels from my '99 passat. Rear tires could get a little while out of them, fronts are at the wear bars. All have curbage...
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    Here we have OEM Adelaides from a 2000 Passat. These wheels are USED and do have Brake Dust and some minor scratches and one rock nick from what I could see. They could use a Good Powerwashing. The tires do need to be replaced and am selling all 4 of these wheels As-Is.......You could use these...
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    Hi all, I'm posting for a friend that needs 1-2 adelaides (these were 15", 7-spoke alloys on '98-'00, IIRC) in the Chicago area (I don't have his zip code at the moment, but 60201 is the same town). Depending on condition, he would be willing to pay $35-$45/rim plus shipping, with local pickup...
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    I'm recent new owner and brand new in the passat world for the most part, and I just bought the car (B5 1.8T) a few months ago. I just made an appointment to get the timing belt changed and check a wheel bearing. I get a phone call this morning from the mechanic saying he can't do either job...
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    I have a 2000 B5 1.8T with 15" stock Adelaides. I recently had a flat on my front drivers side tire and replaced that 195/65/R15 flat tire with a brand new spare 205/65/R15 tire that was in the trunk. So currently, my car has 3 195/65/R15 tires and 1 new 205/65/R15 tire. Could I get away with...
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    Selling my old wheels becuase, well, i don't have my car any longer...thus, no need for these wheels. As seen in the pictures, the wheels are all in good condition, two tires are in good shape and two will need replacing. The tires are Bridgstone HP50 195/65R15. These are off a 98 Passat, so...