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  1. Meaning of the K03 K04 or K3 K4 and 2x2 interface adapters for VCDS

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Sometimes when reading stuff I come across those terms, any suggestion?
  2. :: ECS Tuning :: NEW! Tune2air Plug-And-Play Bluetooth Adapters

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    With the Tune2air Bluetooth Adapter for your vehicle, you no longer have to struggle with outdated wires tethering your phone or media device to your head unit. With hands-free integration to your native steering wheel controls and an easy installation, you can update that non-bluetooth...
  3. 5x115 adapters..

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Picked up a set of Cadillac wheels assuming they were 5x120 ... but on further investigation found out they were the STS version of the same wheel and 5x115. With et51, I thought about wobble bolts and a 5mm spacer but can't get anyone to confirm wobble bolts would work. So that leaves adapters...
  4. FS: B5 ICM Delete Kit - Complete (bypass, adapters, coilpacks!)

    Parts For Sale
    Complete 034 Motorsports ICM Delete Kit + coil packs, pulled from my wrecked '99 Passat Wagon 1.8 T AEB, :( See specs: 034Motorsports 1.8T ICM Delete Kit Used less than 10k miles, in excellent shape all around. Pictures of exactly what you will get: $200 for local pickup in Portland...
  5. :: ECS Tuning :: VW 5x112 Wheel Adapters to 5x120 or 5x130 - Click Here !!!

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    Click HERE to order or for more information. VW 5x112 Wheel Adapters to 5x120 or 5x130 - Have your eyes on the perfect set of wheels for your 5x112 bolt-pattern Volkswagen, only to realize they won't bolt up? ECS Tuning bolt-on wheel adapter kits open up an entire new world of wheel styles...
  6. FS: MDI w/30-pin & USB Adapters - $100

    Parts For Sale
    This was removed from my Passat B6 when I sold it. No harness is included, but they are available from Kufatec here. Works perfectly, and had the most recent firmware when it was removed from the car (not sure what version that was, but it probably does need to be updated now). Price is $100...
  7. need help finding lug pattern adapters

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    my 00 passat has 5x112 lug pattern i want to convert it to 5x100 so i can fin 16' wolfsberg bbs on there any suggestions because i cant find adapters anywhere
  8. Im running 17X9.5" Corvette 35th Anniversary wheels with 25mm adapters

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I just traded some AMG wheels for these the other day. They are +56 Corvette 35th Anniversary wheels 17X9.5". I am running 25mm 5X120 adapters on all 4 corners. I think theres a 225/45 or 40 tire on with a small stretch. I still need to drop the car but I had no issues with fitmet or rubbing...
  9. thickness of aeb to 2.0 coils adapters?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Any one that can measure their 034 or intergraded engineiring adapters and let me know. Thanks
  10. Wheel adapters !!!

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Lookin for wheel adapters 5x112 to 5x120.65 anyone know of any sites ????
  11. FS: 42dd designs adapters. 5x112 to 5x120

    Parts For Sale
    I have a set of barely used 42 draft designs adapters with bolts, studs, and lugs 5x112 -> 5x120 18mm mount your corvette or bmw wheels up $150 a pair brand new minus shipping. I'm looking for $225 shipped I also have 2 25mm adapters as well - $95 shipped
  12. 5/112 adapters on 17''

    New Member Introductions
    Hi every one. So Here is my issue. I have found a nice set of oettinger 5 wheels, here are the specs: 17x8 ET 35 5/100 bolt pattern 225/45/17 tires So the seller told me I would have to get some 5/112 adapters for the wheels to fit properly. If I do get them what size should they be. H&R...
  13. FT: WHEEL 20mm adapters $TRADE suffolk l.i

    Parts For Sale
    these are a full set of 20mm adapters 5x100-5x112 im looking to trade for a set of 4x100 to 5x120 or 4x100 to 5x130 locals only ...will not ship
  14. FEELER: B6 Porsche Boxter Caliper Adapters

    Group Buys
    I am thinking about designing a caliper adapter for the B6 so the Porsche 986 Boxter 4-pot calipers can be used to improve the front brakes. Currently it seems the only option for B6ers is an OEM BBK based on the very expensive R32 ATE calipers, which only have a single, albeit gigantic, piston...
  15. Porsche Boxter Brembo Calipers and ECS Adapters Overhaul and Refinishing

    B5 Garage
    [Note to reader] I write both DIY summaries and project journals. The DIY summaries are literal, step-by-step guides to completing a project or repair/restoration on Passat parts, components or accessories. The project journals are more a chronicle of a drawn out process, with all of my...
  16. :: ECS Tuning :: Volkswagen Jack Pad Adapters - In Stock !!!

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    Click HERE to order or for more information. Volkswagen Jack Pad Adapters - Lifting your Volkswagen has never been safer or easier than it is with hydraulic jack head adapters from ECS Tuning. Our black floor jack adapter with contrasting ECS etched logo sits into the round lift head found...
  17. wtb 5x120 adapters

    WTB/WTT Section
    just picked up a set of bmw wheels so im looking to find some adapters 5x112 to 5x120 let me know if anyone is selling them also the centerbore is 72.6 for my wheels. thanks
  18. 18x7.5 Jeep Sahara wheels with 15mm 5x112 to 5x5 Adaptec adapters

    Parts For Sale
    SOLD Like the title says, I want to sell or trade these Jeep Sahara wheels. I got the idea to try the wheels from a couple of guys on vwvortex and a friend of mine was selling his wheels so I thought I would at least try them out. I had custom adapters made from Adaptec which are 15mm. The...
  19. Plastic Hub-centric adapters?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Anyone rolling with these? I am going to give them a try after realizing my new (to me) RH AD Cups have a larger center bore than the H&R DRA Spacers I acquired to go with them. The RH center bore is proprietary to the "RH multi-fit" system, and their adapters rings are one and a half...
  20. fs/ft: brand new 5x112 to 5x120 adapters

    Parts For Sale
    got 4 brand new never used adapters. only one was on car to see how the wheel looked then took off. the adapters are not hub centric. also they are 1.25"thick. i paid $150 and im gonna sell for $75 shipped. Also i would trade for some lowering springs for a b5 v6 passat or maybe other passat...