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  1. Events & Gatherings
    MetroDubs has teamed up with Adam's Polishes early this year to bring you the best detail clinic of the year. The doors are open for every GERMAN vehicle we can get. It does not matter where you are, who you are or what stickers are on your car. This is an invitation for every enthusiast in...
  2. Canada
    Howdy everyone... Just installed (new to me, 2nd hand) coil-overs. KW-1 on 17" A4 sport wheels. Lowered approximately 2.5". Think I'm gonna drive it around for a week and maybe re-adjust. Thought I'd share a pic.... quite happy with myself.
  3. USA - Central
    21 March 2009 12 May 2009 Hoen Xenonmatch Fog Lights: VW Eos "V6" Steering Wheel Badge: OEM "Passat" License Plate Frame w/ Plastic Cover: 24 July 2009 R36 Steering Wheel Straight from Germany: 11 April 2010 OEM Hi-Def / R-GT Front with...
  4. The Showroom
    Was bored today so I took some pictures of a friends restored LAPD Adam 12 police car with my B6. (Some of you younger guys won't have a clue but us older dudes may remember the old TV show 1 Adam 12) :D So here are a few... hope you like them. :salute: My ride The Law The stop
  5. USA - West
    Just wanted to say hey on here. I just bought myself what is my second Passat (a 99 1.8T variant) that I have owned. I love these cars. My first was a 93 GLX sedan. I got to say I am loving the variant though. Here's a quick picture that I took of it. It has a GIAC chip, B&M short shift...
  6. USA - Central
    2001 B5 GLX V6 2.8 Manual Updated 11-24-06 Mods: FK Angel Eyes, Black (June '06) Euro Switch (June '06) Direct Wire for Escortt 8500X50 radar detector (June '06) Audio: Pioneer DEH-P680MP Head Unit w/ integrated iPod Cable (Aug '06) 2 12in Kenwood KFC-W3514DVC Subs (Oct '06) 1000W Kenwood...
  7. Passat of The Month
    Passat of the Month - June 2006 Adam Bleser (Bleser) Overland Park, KS USA First and foremost I would like to say that I am truly honored to be Passat of the Month. There have been many beautiful and award-worthy customized Passats over the years as Passat of the Month, so I am quite flattered...
  8. USA - West
    Sup guys, So i have had my 01 for almost a year now. Now that its summer, and i can work full time, and then blow that money on my car i, i am looking to do some more mods in the near future. The first thing i did months ago was the APR chip, DV upgrade, and milltek turbo back exhaust. Got H&R...
  9. USA - Central
    Hello, I'm just one of the many fanatics over Volkswagens-especially the Passat. I'm on my third and love it. More to come later. :P
  10. USA - Central
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 15th April, 2004 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1st April, 2004...
1-11 of 29 Results