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  1. 2002 Passat GLX 4Mo Wagon- Places to find ignition active wires

    B5 Garage
    I will be adding a second battery with a relay isolator. I'd like to know of the locations of lines that are active only when the engine is on (not just accessory). It seems the norm is to put the relay isolator in the engine bay, so I'm guessing I'll have to tap into something in the fuse box...
  2. Noob post 3 trying to get active with axel info, vibration info

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    posting again to see if this helps my access. Glad to have the group to connect with. I'm a mechanic, mechanical engineer, gear head and love cars If you have a weird vibration in drive when not moving, I've confirmed is most likely an axel. How long ago did you change an axel? Aftermarket...
  3. active my account plz

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    i am new here let me introduce my self instead , i am for egypt i have a B5.5 with ALZ ( stock :) )
  4. B8 and Active Info Display

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    Hi, I am trying to order the Passat 2015 (B8) with the Active Info Display option, and was told that VW rejects orders with this option and will probably will discontinue offering it. :mad: Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in Advance, Doron.
  5. ACTIVE...!!! ECU Group Buy SPEEDTUNING ...ACTIVE...!!!

    Group Buys
    I cant post in the groupbuy section so forgive me moderators, Can someone put together another group buy for the SPEEDTUNING ECU's? Me and another buddy of mine are both interested but can't post in Group Buy section :cry: Tax season so hopefully a few interested parties can pull together...
  6. Not noob,just haven't been active for a while. Do I still have to post 2 posts here?

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    New post from old poster.
  7. recalls are still active, call your dealer.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    so i went in to my dealer yesterday for some recall work, right rear wheel liner campaign. they had to order the part so it wasnt completed. but the repairmen said this is a common open recall issued in 2003 and it affects all B5 passats. the wheel liner is too thin and if the tire bursts it...
  8. OEM roof antenna and active DAB splitter?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I've recently bought a DAB+ head unit and I'd really like to make use of it. I've got a 2001 Passat B5.5 with a stock roof antenna. There are two questions that torment me: 1. Is the stock OEM roof antenna active or passive? I know, best way to find out is to take the roof upholstery down...
  9. MK7 Volkswagen GTI Specs And Pricing Revealed (LSD, Active Suspension, Etc!)

    Anything Auto
    I hope that LSD can be retrofitted into the CC...
  10. NEWLY REACTIVATED: SRS-Style Rear Sway Bar (Skunkbar)

    Group Buys
    NOTE: This is now posted to Passat B5/5.5 Owners Group Page on Facebook, as well as PassatWorld Group Page on Facebook. I will aggregate interest from all three to try to build a critical mass. Please post/respond here or on the other pages, but if you post here, please include your real name so...
  11. Engine shut off while idling + Immobilizer active?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Bought a 2002 GLX 4motion about 4 months ago from a guy. When I test drove it I noticed the yellow car and key light blinking and the guy told me it was because the key needed to be programmed to the car. After more drives, I noticed when the car starts the immobilizer active message appears...
  12. 99 Passat AEB 1.8t heat shield caught on fire is there still a recall active

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok guys so I am sure this has been talked about alot in the past but I could not find any 2013 threads so I have had my passat for a few years and it has spent most of its time sitting I just installed a new engine and tranny and drove it home and when I pulled in I saw smoke at first I was...
  13. Heat shield recall still active?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I recently purchased an '03 Passat gls and while searching this site I found some information on the heatshield recall. I punched in my vin # on the given site link on the thread and it was still listed as being a recall that hadn't been done on the vehicle. Most of the discussion on this was...
  14. ACTIVE: B5/B.5 Stainless Self-opening Trunk Hinge Mod

    Group Buys
    Production Underway! I found a durable grommet solution for the spring loops so I pulled the trigger on the custom spring production as well as the stainless fabrication order. Springs are being custom ordered to spec and with the PVC grommets will be nearly identical to the OE Audi units. We...
  15. ACTIVE: SRS-style B5/B5.5 FWD Rear Anti-sway Bar

    Group Buys
    35" of ass-flattening goodness Pre-production pricing is closed. $300 may now get you an overrun. First come first served on limited number of extras ordered. Pull the trigger now and lift a wheel now and then in the twisties this Spring! Passat B5/B5.5 FWD rear torsion beam...
  16. Active: THOR Skid Plate GB

    Group Buys
    Closed: THOR Skid Plate GB UPDATE: 9.12.2012 Closing the GB everyone. Happy :wrench:ing! UPDATE: 6.19.2012 Only 4 orders have been placed for the skidplate since 5.16.12. Remember everyone, if you get it straight from EI it's $250+shipping (~$30). Aaannndd...EI is no longer doing GBs for...
  17. Active: 42 draft design o2 spacer

    Group Buys
    Guys and girls. I have spoken to john over at 42. If we can get 10 or more interested parties we can get a price of $28.50/each. I believe this will include shipping. Apparently they have had issues in the past with group buys in the past, so if we get the 10 interested parties I'll get the...
  18. ACTIVE: OnStar to Bluetooth Conversion for VW

    Mobile Electronics
    This buy is for 2004-2005 B5.5 owners that have the factory installed analog OnStar option that was declared end of life in 2008 and no upgrade path was provided. This mod does not reincarnate your OnStar services, it uses the OnStar peripherals (cabling and mic) and the phone source capability...
  19. Anyone running an Active setup?

    Mobile Electronics
    Curious to see if anyone is running a active front setup? on and off axis repsonse in a B5,5 input helpful too pics would be cool also :D
  20. Anyone with an active Carfax?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I checked, and didn't see any mention that this was a no-no, but does anyone happen to have an active Carfax account? I'd like to contact the prior places that worked on my car to see if the timing belt was ever done. If you can PM me, it would be greatly appreciated. I just don't see the value...